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    April 04, 2006


    Amanda B.

    That is just wrong. :D


    Holy crap!That's how the world's largest mammal takes its vitamins. (Rich in Omega3!)


    I reeeally hesitated to click on that because of the "faces of death" thing. But in the end we're all gawkers, right?

    BTW, I love your monster story. It's one of my favorites.


    Simple case of self defense.


    Pretty sick. Of course, since I don't like the cold, I don't know why anyone'd want to go ice fishing anyway. Serves 'im right.

    The Kept Woman

    Snicker, snicker.

    Do you know how many of those fools on are on the ice here from November to March? It's like Night of the Living Dead as they are drawn to the ice to build their little shanties.

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