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    April 11, 2006



    ommpf! The things you think of.

    No such thing? But that can never be... where else would our imagination come from?


    Did your head make much of a mess. I'm only asking, you know, for friend.

    The Kept Woman

    That isn't funny.

    I will lie awake all night and think about this you know...


    Is that why, in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy one of the first instructions is to always bring a towel with you? to clean up unsightly messes made by exploding heads? Hmmm? Just wondering...

    Julio Cesar

    But then the answer is 42...

    And your rationale parted from a supposition (an hypothethical situation)!!!

    Having a Mobius ring image inside my mind now...


    Well...if that happens...just remember to clean up your mess before you leave.

    Amanda B.

    *tries to collect brain matter in order to master higher math*


    Are you ever going to update this site again? Or do we have to come to PEI and sweep you up like humpty dumpty when his nuts exploded all over the wall...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Is that Humpty's nuts on the wall?


    I was told it was custard.



    It could be custard... but I thought the crusty bits of shells were actually his dried nuts..
    he gets like that when he thinks too much.. (g)

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