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    April 05, 2006


    Jim Fogg

    I think if she would have added, at one time smoked with authority, it may have clinched it....because as we all know smokers are tre's sexy.....

    Closet Metro

    I figure it's Greenie's "forbidden fruit" (pun not intended, but laugh or groan at your discretion) that helps to put him over the top. Not that he's not a good looking guy. Hell, I voted for him too.


    The bastard. All the women vote for him AND all the men vote for him. If he wasn't such a damn nice guy, he'd be easy to hate.


    I'm voting for you Nilbo! After all, the sexiest part of a man is his brain...and a good brain not only turns on a woman, it turns on Willie the one-eyed wiggly worm!

    Sheer kismet!


    I am so totally off to vote for you right NOW.


    Well, if nothing else, the sympathy vote DOES count for something. LOL!!!

    Well done sir. You are, as always, well spoken.

    If it's any conciliation to you, the hetero-men at my work place feel the same way. Many of my female workers hug and kiss on me daily and it drives them crazy. When ever they say anything, I just open my know what, they accept. LOL!!! I'm universal, fair and easy. Not Cheap!


    Ya got my vote!


    Hey I'm here b/c on amanda b's site you wrote "I wouldn’t suggest you smack the ass of anyone who has crapped in their pants. Don’t ask me how I know this is a bad idea."

    From that moment I knew - it was neccesary, nay *essential* I stop by this evil genius's blog.

    You are too good sir!


    I voted for you. Granted, Greenie's a great guy, but I just had to vote for you.


    You're HOT. Any man who can so skillfully combine pathetic and funny is my kinda guy :)


    I voted for you. :)

    Jim Fogg

    I just saw BrokeBack Mountain and felt compelled to vote for you as well........


    I nominated you.
    Because. Well. *blushing* I think you're hot.
    And yes.
    I nominated Greenie too.
    I'm out of his league.
    I'm out of your province.
    I felt it was safe to do so and let you both know that you're not too hard on the eyes, if you catch my drift.
    I didn't know that they would let you know WHO was nominating you.
    *slinking away now, ever so embarrassed--so much so I don't think I spelled/spelt that correctly*


    A man who has a way with words can always have his way with women. There's nothing sexier.

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