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    March 17, 2006



    No Irish here. However, my oldest son's 17th birthday is today. I think that only makes him an honorary Irishman.


    There's a drop of Irish in me, along with a drop of just about everything else.

    It sounds like your grandad was quite a man. Cheers to him.


    I'm plenty Irish and I don't wear green on St. Paddy's day. (That's not Patty's day as I see it written all time!) I grew up singing Irish songs and hearing Irish jokes. Your grandfather was right. You don't need one day of the year to celebrate bein' Irish.

    BTW, I just re-read your book on the business trip I took this week. I had tears of laughter and sadness, but mostly laughter. It's a great book. Maybe you have the gift of gab. Been kissin' any stones lately? (And I don't mean Susie's kind of stones)


    I loved this post Nilbo -- My Irish father had me convinced for years that St. Patrick's Day was more important than Christmas.

    He never went out on the town but would have an open house for friends and relatives that would equal the best holiday party you ever attended.

    For years I haven't celebrated, but this year we were invited to a party and had a wonderful time -music, food, and booze...lots of the latter and I now know why dad also called St. Paddy's day amateur night...

    It's taken me this long to sober up!


    I am also Irish and don't wear green. I find it funny to see all these people wearing green and there is no reason for it, really. They find out I am Irish and seem horrified that I am not wearing anything green. I don't get it??

    Love your stories!!


    Here's to your grandad...

    Jim Fogg

    I was born a wee bit after midnight on March 18. My paternal grandmother Agnes (Peggy)Mailey hailing from Belfast had Patrick in her sights. The compromise was a good Irish name, Jimmy. I always tell people I was hanging in the womb by my finger nails.....awaiting the stroke of midnight..


    He learned early on in life how to throw a rock and be washed up, dressed in a suit, and safe in his church pew before the sound of breaking glass echoed in the street.

    Best line ever. dad is English and married Irish. Father's side was very unforgiving but Mother's side was as warm as a fireside cat could be.


    Ohh .. "warm as a fireside cat". Love it. Consider it stolen.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    What's wrong with designer chaps?


    Worn as you wear them, my dear, nothing at all. Worn as a pretend cowboy ... everything. See, it's all in the attitude.

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