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    March 23, 2006



    I wish I could make it to one of your shows. One of these days.


    I didn't know your sister lived in London. Next time I go there, we should all hook up!

    Jim Fogg

    Ah the Big Smoke, nothing more cool than strolling Queen Street on a sunny afternoon

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I loooove Toronto. So much so that, last time I was there, I drank too many margaritas at the Reservoir Lounge and missed my train the next morning. But what a happy accident that leaves me in TO for anudder day. Have fun!


    Why aren't you playing a show in Toronto?


    I think you need a blonde assistant to tell you that you look great. PICK ME! PICK ME!
    I wanna go to all the neat places too!!


    wtf: I've done a lot of shows in Toronto and environs over the years, and since my shows are scripted and not off the cuff, I'd have to write a whole new show. Which - meh. Not sure I have that much more to say in this form. People are free to speculate on how much I ever did have to say.

    Kristine: I don't need anyone to tell me I look great - that's why mirrors were invented, duh.

    Amanda B.

    You need to do a tour of the U.S., mainly the south, more specifically, Mississippi.



    Yeah, from your mouth to the Department of Homeland Security's ears. Artists like me are considered some sort of high risk - I might just take a job from some actor who wants to perform a show written by me. Touring in the US is ridiculously difficult - the visa process is corrupt and expensive, designed to employ lawyers and adhere to idiotically stringent and inflexible rules. So, as much as I'd love to tour in the US, it's sadly unlikely. But, on the bright side, your economy is so much safer without me there.


    Twitch? What twitch?


    HI Nils! What an exciting life you lead...After hearing about the visa problems, it looks like I'll just have to head up to Canada to see you!

    (How I'd love to do that.)


    I'll make sure we leave a light on at the border, Mary ... :)

    Best of Blogger

    Hello. I'm here to let you know that Effie has nominated you for BEST OF BLOGGERS, Sexiest Male Blogger. You may want to let you're readers know to come and cast a vote for you, as the voting as began. Good Luck!


    Liar. It's a spam site. Don't click on it.

    I mean, really - Sexiest Blogger? Please.

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