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    March 16, 2006



    I have that exact stone-face (last photo in your flickr slideshow) in my perennial garden.

    Love the "Children's Play Area/Beer Garden" sign as well. That's my kind of place.

    Looks like you had a memorable time.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I just wanna know about those sexy, sexy sheep.


    Loved the flikr picts, Nils. I couldnt comment on them because I don't have a flickr account. It was so good to see the countryside through your pictures. Everything was just gorgeous!


    "Oh my sweet Westley; what have I done?"

    I'll check out the pictures later...right now I've got laundry to do. I know, I're jealous of the spectacularly amazing life I lead.


    We missed you too. And I'm sure after your tumble, you would have hiked your own ass back from whence you came, broken bones, lacerated scalp and ruptured spleen be damned, carrying your wife the whole way.


    So often, people are what make places. And that's why I'm so glad you're back here, in this internet place.

    milly in Fl.

    Too bad you did not meet a McLaughlin or Haggerty there. My Irish father also hated those "damned idiots" who came out of the wood work for St. Patricks day. He also hated the English. "Trinity" was an eye opener book about Ireland. Ever read it?


    I loved "Trinity", Millie - in fact, so many of the places in that book were on our Belfast tour. And I'm intrigued that you have some Irish in you. I'll bet someone in your family has a quick temper and a taste for the nectar of the Gods.




    me dear ole dad liked a nip or two. maybe more than a nip or two, but not very often with four of us to provide for. He hated the English. The Irony is that last year my niece did a family history on my mother' side and found that her family came her from England in the 1700s. I wonder if my father would have married her if he had know that! He and his sibblings were born in Pa.

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