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    March 20, 2006



    The first day is the hardest! I'm all thumbs...


    Good on ya, I say! At least the boredom is relatively short-lived. Do you know the secret of seasoned rice vinegar on salads and veggies? Substitute it for dressing, it's quite good.


    Good luck on the diet. So great that you quit smoking.


    Oh, but I love sugar!

    Are you buying prepackaged food or preparing it yourself?


    Prepackaged food? Perish the thought. I pride myself in my culinary skills.

    This morning: onion and mushroom and cheese omelettes, some nice crispy bacon, and my very own recipe for ultra low calorie ketchup - which, by the way, is not a negotiable item in my diet.

    For lunch: I'm going to take some giant lettuce leaves and use them as a wrap, and fill the wrap to bursting with shaved Montreal smoked meat, low-fat mature cheddar, and pickles.

    Supper: steak and caesar salad. And ketchup for the damn steak, and shut up everybody, I'm not using it to murder kittens, I'm putting it on my damn food.

    Anyway .. lots of yumms and I can already feel the fat slipping away.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    That doesn't sound so bad when you describe some of the menu items. I could stand to drop a few pounds (tons) meself. I'm spillin' out the chaps.


    Good luck. Diets are a good thing. You can lose quite a bit of pounds while on the diet, and then work on changing your lifestyle afterwards.


    Is there a vegetarian version of this diet?


    I'm not sure, Candace. It seems to me that someone who is a vegetarian has already established a whole whack of good eating habits and is less likely to need a diet intended for people who have spent a lifetime ingesting sugars and starches and animal fats. I guess I'm saying I've never met a chubby vegetarian, although I'm sure some exist.

    One of the lynchpins of the first phase of the South Beach Diet is the reliance on high protein - eggs, cheese, red meat, bacon, etc. I'm not sure what would have to happen for that to translate into vegetarian terms.


    You'll be in that bikini in no time, babe. ;)


    Remind me to send you some shots of me in a Speedo. You think I'm kidding? Ask Allie, who wishes she had poured bleach in her eyes as a child.

    I now prefer to sport roomier bathing togs. But the pictures exist.

    And to make the threat more serious: I was 70 pounds heavier. Just sayin'.


    Sounds a lot like Atkins. Yay for protein, because it keeps you feeling full. You're right about boring. The lack of carbs makes me a little lightheaded, but things straighten out after a few days. Good for you! Maybe I'll join you.


    I've been actively ignoring the South Beach diet book for about a week, but I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow. You have inspired me!


    You're so inspiring. MAYBE I can do this? I don't want to be a smoker anymore. I don't want to be fat anymore.


    What it takes is recognizing that these are choices, Kristine. That would be harsh and judgemental coming from a non-smoking thin person, but I have walked the walk and so I feel I can say that without smugness or tone - just simply state the fact that they are choices.

    Quitting smoking is excruciatingly hard - I know that. Losing weight is hard, too, and I know THAT. I don't pretend these are easy choices.

    What finally helped me over the hump was assuming an attitude of almost indignation. How dare this shitty, addictive side of my personality ruin it for the rest of me!!! Just for that, I'm going to quit. And yes, right at this moment, it hurts, the kind of physical pain only an addict can describe ... but I knew I had it licked when I said to myself "Yeah, it hurts, but I don't CARE that it hurts. See how it likes THEM apples!"

    I can give you tons of support and encouragement, but ultimately it comes down to "Do you choose to be the weight you are? Do you choose to smoke?" When you can honestly say "No, I choose another way." then you're ready.


    let me chew on that for awhile.

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