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    March 06, 2006



    You HAVE to come to southern ireland, its just as fabulous. Flights to here cost the same and in Cork we make MURPHYS stout which is a little sweeter and COLD. In fact is there a good reason why you couldn't bring your show here? go on go on go on!! (Fr Ted)


    Photos. We need photos.

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I envy you!


    OKAY! I'm coming! Now!


    Katy: working on it- I have to find some sort of central arts council and igure out how to arrange a tour of both the Republic and Northern Ireland. I'm on a mission. Any suggestions? E-mail me.

    Gerah: no capacity to include photos, but I'll have a whole essay when I return in one week ...

    Candace: if I had a dollar for every time a woman said that to me ... yeah, I'd still be poor, dammit.


    Do I have to buy you a damm camera? I live in Flat Florida! Your're in IRELAND!
    You can be in them too, but for crying out loud, take a picture of the green hill and the sheep!
    the stout!
    What do the houses and neighborhoods over there look like? In my minds eye, I picture them in a very stereotypical manner, so i'd love to see if i'm wrong.

    Loved the post darlin. If all else fails, you could always make a sweet living by writing travel documentaries.
    I'll help.


    Not so much a problem of no camera as "no way to upload pics" ... using borrowed and/or library computers means you can't really access the many photos I've taken.

    You'll see lots of photos as time moves along ... lots ...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I feel the same way about dark, bitter, warm *gag* beer. Or stout, or pudding, or whatever anyone wants to call it.

    Call me uncultured, but ew.

    Johnny Grinter

    Being English I'm loving your kind comments about my country. Sorry to sound pedantic because I'm sure you already know but many people confuse Northern Ireland (capital Belfast) with Southern Ireland. Northern Ireland is British of course.

    I want to hear more !

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