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    March 18, 2006


    Closet Metro

    I never saw the original of "you've got mail" so I didn't get the remake, but Jake's ukelele prowess was, in the true sense of the word, awesome.


    Are you home yet???
    I really don't like this "traveling" business you've been up to.


    CCM - in the original, the conversations online were in proper, grammatic English with no contractions, shortcuts, or emoticons. In other words, NOTHING like what people talk like in real chat - so this was hysterical to me.

    And Torrie, darlin' ... I AM home.


    familiarity killed the cat. and you know what i'm tempted to type! lol

    ..i'm dying here. ;)


    That's right. In the original they just did straight typing. But I love the ukelele video. That guy can really play. Wow!


    Oh good, you're home, now I can resume stalking you.


    Here's betting that I'm one of your only readers old enough to know that you're referring to Don Ho. Yeah...that young guy playing the Harrison song on the uke is great. Glad you're back!!!


    Torrie 0 I've SEEN Don Ho!

    First link : pretty good parody.
    The ukelele bit - f-ing awesome.
    Let me clarify: F-ING AWESOME!!
    Nils, why aren't you booked to do a show in Toronto?

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