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    February 21, 2006



    Reminds me of one of Bill Bryson's books, where he says that only the British will apologize for having placed their foot beneath yours.


    In both Canada and Britain I got the sense that the people surrounding me were several millions of years more evolved than the people back home in the states.


    Wow, I wouldn't think of trying that in the states. We just don't have the patience for that kind of politeness.


    ps - I'm the person who will HUFF and PUFF and get all annoyed at people who stand in the middle of the freakin' airport walking conveyor belt thingy, and then on the next one, absorbed in thought or maybe just in a daze, I'll BE the person standing in the middle of the thing. And Rob's all, "How can you get mad at people when you do the SAME thing?" Well, duh. Because they're stupid, whereas I just wasn't paying attention.


    This seriously fascinates me. I am amazingly impatient and do not recall being so when I was much younger. My family is disgusted with me when I go home to Canada.

    I guess there is no getting away from it. I have lived in the states for 16 years. I need to be more aware. My friends all say I have changed. And NOT for the better. *sniff*

    Thanks for the reminder to be nice, like I used to be:)

    Update as much as you can, PLEASE! I would LOVE to go to England. I want to hear as much as you have time for:)


    This is totally unrelated to your post, but is related to YOU - so everyone who wonders what the omnipotent Nils sounds like, c'mon over to my blog, which now features podcasting goodness, and a STAR turn by none other than Nils himself, doing the intro to my show.
    *excuse me for my shameless self-promotion*


    Oh will you see Great Big Sea? Can't wait to hear more...loved the Hugh Grant convention line...


    You'd think they'd stand on the left and pass on the right on moving sidewalks in Britain.


    Free alcohol. Mandatory alcohol. Hmmm. I can't tell the difference either!


    Candace: Yeah, love the Bill Bryson travelogues - I've been thinking of doing something similar with my experiences ...

    Kalki: I agree - other people's stupidity ought not be confused with our understandable quirks

    Squirl: It's a pcae you get used to, I think .. after a while, patience just becomes second nature ...

    Laura: I'll update as often as I can - getting internet service is the challenge ... I'm doing this from a library ...

    WTF: People should go there to listen to your show, not to me.

    Marybishop: GBS are from Canada, of course - so while it would be unlikely to see them here, as it happens I ran into Bob Hallett in the airport in Halifax - he was heading home to St John's .. what a coincidence ...

    Mel - yeah, you'd think they'd get their trafic straight, but Nooooo

    Wordy: my life in a nutshell ...


    hi i am from somerset in england and its so interesting to read an americans view of the uk. Did you visit the west country on your trip? You should- i think it is undoubtedly one of the most lovely places in the uk.

    Jennifer Knight

    It isn't necessary to have 8 million dollars/££££££'s to buy a house in Great Britain!!!
    I bought my house--everyone around me bought theirs.
    We work & save for our houses in Britain just like people in other countries.

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