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    February 01, 2006


    Jim Fogg

    So you no longer smoke with authority? Good for you.

    I've never quit. Smoking seems to be part of my lifestyle and am one of the few smokers who supports bans. I meet interesting people smoking outside of bars and parties etc. I would never had met any of them them in the old days, it's a great conversation starter.


    GOOD FOR YOU on the smoking! And really? You hardly notice it only 9 days in? Wow.

    Amanda B.

    Oh man, I'm so proud of you for quitting! You can do it. Nil-bo, Nil-bo, Nil-bo!

    P.S. I'm very jealous of your blizzard.


    Yaymen for taking the plunge and stickin' to it. Good on ya, Mate.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Now, wouldn't this be the time to have that watch-smashing job?

    "Take THAT, that's for the nicotine fits, and THAT, that's for the twitchy anus, and THAT..."

    I'm happy for you, and take solace in the fact that if this weak-willed bitch can quit smokin', it should be a lot easier for you.

    And 'Manda B, who the fuck is jealous of a blizzard? Oh, wait - somebody who doesn't live in Michigan, that's who! :)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oh, and happy Groundhog Day!

    Do you guys have that in Canada or are we just freaks in the states.


    Good for you, Nilbo! And I never knew you were a smoker. Did I? All these things I know about you, but not that...strange.


    Technically, Bucky, even if Canada celebrates Ground Hog's Day, it doesn't necessarily prevent us from being freaks in the states...


    Quit smoking a little over 4 years ago. The first two weeks were the hardest - once they were done, all the cravings were gone. Good luck!

    Tracy Lynn

    Had to quit last summer so I could try to get a kidney transplant. Only miss it every once in awhile- someone walks by and it smells good.

    Well done you for putting them down. Hope you succeed.


    For some reason I find myself shocked that you're (were) a smoker.

    Are there amu tatoos and secret families out there you want to tell us about now?


    any. tattoos. I meant to say "any tattoos". Geeze.


    Proud of you regarding the smoking thing. Don't ever start up again or you'll need a spanking.


    Gerah: aw, and I was about to show you my tattoo of an amu (a small South American bird);
    Wordgirl: despite your attractive offer, I'll stay off the cigs for now;
    Tracy Lynn: your reasons were much stronger than mine; I just got tired of going outside at parties;
    Brik: thank - I need the cheering section;
    eclectic: it's like the double question - "Am I crazy or is Paris Hilton frigging annoying?" "Technically, both could be true.";
    kalki: so much you still don't know about me. Ask the right questions;
    Bucky: seriously, you were an inspiration. And hell yeah, we celebrate Groundhog Day. In fact, we celebrate it day after day after day ... waking up to the same Sonny and Cher song ... it's kinda distressing, actually;
    Jim: I'd almost forgotten smoking the cigarette with authority - good to see your memory isn't fading as you slide into old age;
    Ern, TJ, and Amanda: Thanks, thanks, and thanks. Good wishes are appreciated and support is clung to, believe me.

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