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    February 02, 2006


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Good lord, man - I can't keep up with the pace of your posts the last couple of days.

    Hey, why not let me tour with your show in the States? I just know with the right makeup, no one would ever guess it wasn't the REAL Nilbo.


    Sure they would, Bucky. Everybody would say "Hey ... his voice isn't THAT deep..."


    Any British Columbia or Alberta shows?

    "He's looking at you with that charming, vacant gaze you only get in teenaged boys or cocker spaniels." = brilliant.


    How cool that you and Joyce will be touring England again! I know you two will have a wonderful time together, and she can help you with the map reading between cities.

    So glad to hear you're not even thinking of a cigarette at this point!

    I must agree with you about our immigration laws, which are ridiculous. We've tried to help one of our good friends and one of my hub's aunts try to move here from Canada, and it was a paperwork nightmare.
    Our friend was able to move after all, after paying huge fees to the lawyers, but hub's aunt never did make it, much to my chagrin. I really would like to see her living here!
    And yet, we have all dozens of people who can't even speak english living here. it's insane.

    Maybe you should write "The Truth about US Immigration Laws" instead.

    or the truth about mothers... :x

    p.s Segal is so overrated.


    Nils -
    I will later this evening do a post on what its like to tour with a group of people doing a show.


    ok, people for the first time in my blogging career, I wrote a real post, and you have Nils to blame for it! :)


    Just sent off the cheque for the 11th March - see you at Chesterton Primary Nils! I can't wait! :)


    Laura: You win. For now. But time, as we say, is longer than rope;
    Ern: I've done a lot of touring in Alberta and BC, but none is scheduled right now;
    WTF Opera: That's hilarious! Folks - go read WTF's touring stories by clicking on her name up there.
    Emma: can't wait to see a friendly face in England!


    The setting of one of my all time fave movies, "Withnail & I"!


    Girl A: It's gorgeous around there. Last tour, we drove through that area and someone took notes that said "Next time - we come here!" ... so, this time, that's what we're doing.


    Will you blog from the road? Because, you know, we want to know what you're doing at all times of the day and night. When you're not around it just seems so lonely and...dark. (*sob*)

    Really, kiddo, you're missed. I hate flying but damned if it wouldn't be worth it to fly north and see you do your "thang".


    I enjoyed this. I think I would love it, if I ever had the guts to get up on a stage, which I don't, except to speak, on rare occasions. But I can see how it would get old. I'd like to come see you in the U.K. Not that I'm going there anytime soon, but that sounds appealing to me. Stranger things have happened.

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