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    February 07, 2006



    Share your business class secrets with us! Please do!

    You must post on it later. Promise, Nils. Promise.

    suburban misfit

    Now, is it just Canadian airline staff letting you join the upper crust? Because I know, generally speaking, that Canadians are known for their nice-ness. Yes, that includes you.

    See how I butter you up so you'll spill the secret?

    I'm smoooooth like that.

    JD's Rose

    Have fun!!!



    Enjoy your mini vacation/business trip...

    I want to remember all you said about flying so I don't flip out next time I fly...I hate it.


    I usually take a look around at the people on the plane and mentally tell myself that since they're not flipping out, there's no reason for me to worry.

    During one flight to LA, that litle method didn't work so well. The plane couldn't land and ended up circling the Pacific for almost an hour. (long story, that one).

    So there are two other things I say to myself, if the above mental exercise doesn't seem to work:
    "...just a walk in the park... this one." yep, "just a walk in the park..."

    and, during bad turbulence:
    "the Lord is my shepard..." believe it or not, I'll recite the whole thing!

    (that has worked on certain boat rides too).

    Looking forward to your updates. Why not write about what's going on with your family in Winnipeg?


    Ooh, I love to fly, too. Never been in business class, though. Sure would be nice....


    i don't care how it works, i just know I don't like it.

    I'm a shocking flyer

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