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    February 20, 2006


    Julio Cesar

    Hmmmm. That behavior from the airlines staff makes me lurk deep inside of me and find the little sarcastical voice everyone has...

    "Sure, I can book in a hotel one more night, I guess my wife would not care, since she already has not seen me in six months, what is one more night, right?"

    They assume too much! ;)


    Thanks for coming here and giving us an update. Vicarious traveling is the better way, in my opinion.
    Have a safe tour. Bon Voyage.


    Damn. I forgot to hide myself in your suitcase again.


    That laptop case incident sounds like something that would happen on The Amazing Race. I hope the rest of your tour is smoother!


    I got tense just reading that post. Hope the rest of it goes the way you want.


    I hope you will keep us posted while you are gone??

    I always enjoy your updates!


    Quick update - landed in Heathrow. It's an anthill of an airport. On to Manchester, will post later.


    Travel safe.

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