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    February 04, 2006



    I think you should have linked to the promo you did - it was brill! ;) thanks for about the millionth time...


    I lovvvvvved Sleepless in Seattle! But Fargo?
    f a r g o???
    Are you delirious??? Boy, I got a kick out of that one. ;)))
    Your stuffed peppers are to die for. I once served them for company dinner and there wasn't a single serving left over. Served them at another dinner, same story. As a result, everyone thinks i'm a great cook, thank you.
    (you'd win the cooking war, hands down. i'll submit to that one).
    The PEI Cookbook <--- your next project. ;)


    I would never question whether you were a better chef. I would simply thank you for the wonderful meal I did not have to cook... And I promise to bring a really nice wine for your trouble.


    I love the irony that Groundhog Day is your #1 movie you'd watch over and over...

    Amen for a good Caesar salad.


    Come visit me! We could watch Family Guy and the Daily Show and Love Actually and we could cook things!

    (For extra incentive- don't forget I'm carrying the baby IN MY BOOBS.)


    Hey, _Sleepless in Seattle_ is on my list, too.
    Four Things can be found in my Archives Dec 31

    Safe Journey. Trust the pilots and the mechanics.
    It's the only way.


    I would agree with Fargo and Love, Actually. Groundhog Day is a little to much over and over for me.

    You are welcome to come to HK and cook for me ANYTIME!

    I too lived in Saskatoon...not for long, but I loved it.

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