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    February 01, 2006


    suburban misfit

    That *IS* the perfect job ever. But I think it would have been better to employ toddlers. They don't even *need* special tools. I swear, a toddler can break a Fisher Price person with a Q-Tip.


    First of all, you are always welcome to share your stories over at my place - the blog is the better for it.

    However, this definitely deserved a post all its own, although I swear you are making this shit up a la James Frey. But I hope you're not because this is frickin' AWESOME. I would pay good money for a video of you opening a can of whoop ass on some watches.

    "All that comes into being is worthy of destruction."

    Tracy Lynn

    Dude, I've had almost every job under the sun except trafficking in human flesh and I STILL wish I had had your job. Awesome.


    man.. why are all the jobs you've had always better than any other person's job? lol

    Jim Fogg

    I'll vouch for Nils and his gig at Eaton's, strange but true.

    Both my grandmothers worked as roller skate couriers at the Eatons mail order in the early 1900's. No worries about broken hips in those days.


    Yes, that is, HANDS DOWN, the best frickin' job ever.

    (still trying to think of something clever... I can't so Imma just tell you I enjoyed the hell outta this story)

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