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    February 06, 2006



    Welcome to my world.


    awwww. Roxy looks soooo sad!
    hmmm, which one takes after it's owner? just guessing....


    Well, I dunno. Roxy looks gloomy and is stretched out across the bed. Oliver is making do with one teensy little corner of the bed. I know who has my sympathies.



    They actually match:)

    I got some Old Dutch Chips the other day in Vacouver, by the way. Be sure and get some when you are in Manitoba, eh?? It WAS you who mentioned them on my blog some time ago?? If not, forgive the error. I will blame it on my kids sucking the brain matter out as they were born. One quarter of my brain came out with each placenta and I have 4 kids...doing pretty good running on no brain, right??


    I've been filling my boots on Old Dutch while here in Manitoba - the best potato chips in the world ...

    Robert Paterson

    Nils its just not fair. When Robin is home, the Cat gets the run of the bedroom. But the dogs and I get our revenge when she is away.

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