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    February 28, 2006



    Spent 8 days in London year (YEARS!) ago. Lovely. A building here in the states is considered old if it was built before WWII. When we spent a lovely evening at Jack Straw's Castle (where Dickens used to hoist a few) we could see that this old building had gorgeous wood-lined rooms that were over 100 years old. And you know what? No graffiti. None. Everything is not only old but it's so well maintained. Highgate Cemetery is a MUST, Nilbo. Karl Marx's well as George Eliot's. Have a pint for me.


    I'm hating you just a teeny little bit right now, only because I so desperately want not only to visit England again, but to LIVE there.

    But mostly I still like you.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Spotted dick.



    Have some bangers and mash for me, ok? Tip a few two... Between you in Britain and Sangroncito in Brazil...I'm chartreuse with envy!


    So glad you're (mainly) enjoying it here, Nilbo. Can't wait 'til the 12th. My ticket arrived complete with flyer and map and tells me we not only get to hear you but get a buffet too. We Brits love a nice buffet!


    A friend of mind just moved to Britain, and would debate at lengths how polite the British are. She claims that the busdrivers are complete assholes and that people try to run you down with their cars as soon as you try to cross the road.

    Guess there's something to be said for differing opinions...


    One of the things about broad generalizations is that there is always ample evidence that things aren't quite that way. Your friend has had bad experiences with bus drivers; we had a bus driver in Woking who - at 11 PM with nothing operating - said "Oh, hell, I'll take you where you need to go, even if it's not on my route - nobody will notice". And he proceeded to pilot his double decker bus well off his published route because two Canadians looked at him with sad eyes.

    Politeness, charity, kindness, forebearance ... all are anecdotal. No "people" are one way or another. We've been lucky to have a preponderance of experiences that lead us to the conclusion that Brits are incredibly polite. I'm happy with that base assumption ... but your friend may find it to be a load of crap. Such is life.


    Really, this is just mean. "Look at me, I'm Nilbo, I'm flitting across the British Isles, while you're stuck going to school! Neener neener!"

    :P I'm leaving now.


    "Look at me, I'm Ern, I'm going to med school in frigging California while you freeze your ass of and shovel snow up in Canada ..."

    Bite me arse, suntan girl. I'm freezing my damn weenie off here.

    But, still fun.

    But cold.


    Ok, ok, you have me there. Except for the suntan part. I'm the original Whitey McWhiterson.

    My husband was checking my head for ticks this week and he couldn't stop exclaiming over the freaky whiteness of my scalp. I don't know why he was surprised. He's seen my arse.


    I'm with Ern. Totally jealous.


    I completely agree with this whole post. Hehehehehe. Your cheese and politeness points killed me. I was there a couple of years ago and could never get over spotted dick on the menu. (Especially when it's written on a "daily specials" chalkboard right above the table you're sitting at. My whole family would dare each other to order it and point and laugh like a bunch of morons. "SPOTTED DICK! HUHHHUHHHUH.")

    By the way, tell those English-accented fellows Gerah from Michigan says *wink*.


    Spotted Dick at the Cock. hee hee

    Sounds like you're having a great time, aside from the crappy roads.

    I wanna know when you're going to be doing a show in my area so I can go see you.

    Robert Paterson

    Please try Dead Man's Leg. Or Boiled Baby. When I did an all nighter at university I would have the complete English breakfast but with Black Pudding and Toast and Dripping to add that extra oomph!

    Ah English food - there is nothing like it

    I envy you too but I will be back in November in time for Guy Fawkes, fireworks etc

    Come home safe

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    From all descriptions and names I've ever heard, I think I can safely say that I'm frightened of English food!


    Hi there everyone!
    i really hope i am not intruding by writing here,but i really felt i needed to post some comments on this article because i really liked reading it because *blush* it appealed to the national pride bestowed in me..hehe.
    so here goes..dont let me bore you at all...

    I am from England and I just came across this site..I am so glad you like Britain so much!I am seriously patriotic and you have really brightened my day,glad to see someone liking my country!

    spotted dick is not that yummy...its like some freakishly raisined sorry..currants.The "dick" is from the last syllable "ding" or from the german word for thick,due to the consistency of the suet.not sure.
    Sorry.that was a really random thing to say.

    As for the politeness here,well I have to say that some Britons (english for eg) are not that polite in my experience! depends..but im 13 and i still uphold the courtesies i think you might be referring to.

    i dont really get the cheese bit..are you insulting the mature cheese!?
    i love english cheese so very much..from my travels i can safely say that American cheese sort of scares me,no offence..its so orange!Jack cheese,I believe it is called?

    as for politeness again..i have to say Americans are simply the POLITEST PLEASANTEST people i have ever met!When i went to California/Utah/Nevada/Arizona i met some really lovely people..and i never knew my accent would be so..attractive to people! hehe

    I am afraid you must be mistaken about our TV channels! We have gazillions!
    and our roads arent that bad..T-T..American roads are TERRIFYING,the ones in San Francisco are so fast and some urbane race going on forever,but it gave me a massive buzz to be in such a busy environment where everyone is coming and going,except for the parts where i nearly got run over.

    I have to say i love the names here too,they are so wonderful..*screams*!
    every name means "farm" or "lake" or's amazing.
    but you'd be surprised how desperate people are to be American here..though i retain my Anglicisms every step of the way,no offence.

    lastly the history blows my mind.this will sound pathetic,really now,it will...but when i learn about the history of my country that i love so much i sometimes get tears in my eyes,its so embarassing! i am really sorry for such a terribly long post,its awful..but ive always been one for long writing!
    gosh,im reaaally embarassed!

    i hope anyone coming here will enjoy there stay and comes to love the country just a little (or alot).

    Thanks for an amazing,wonderful and uplifting article and i hope i didnt bore anyone T-T


    ps-i love America going there for my gap year ..hehe!


    Glad you had a pleasant experience of Britain and found some things to appreciate - especially the cheese! All countries have their good and not so good aspects.For those interested in a few good things about britain check out this:


    That should have read:


    I love Britain and always want to send all my love to that country, I really want to come to Britain thought my english war nor good!


    Im from england its not that great, i mean id rather live here than anywhere else in europe but no one has mentioned the bad things like prices of well lets see EVERYTHING! the stupid government who couldunt manage a kids party and the restrictions on what you cant do.Plus all the things everybody has said they love about britain are things that strictly tourists like, the majority of english people couldunt give a f*** about castles and medevial history. I will say though the football not "soccer" is sweet. Dont get me wrong i love england infact im joining the royal navy in a few months but we could do alot more to help out english people and make our lives better rather than "bend over backwards" (english slang) to help immigrants get everything they want.(im not a racist im mixed race myself). Basically the government are to blame for everything wrong with our country and the people(most of them anyway) deserve better from the most greedy government ever. :)


    I'm British, born here, live here! I don't get what you're saying about the A roads. Ya see, there are two types of them, you get double carriage-ways (70mph) and single carriage-ways (60mph), sure there's not a bloody hard shoulder but there's enough room for two HGVs to speed through at 60mph. And dual carriageways are better than the bloody AUTOROUTES in France! B roads are just single lane little roads with a speed limit of 30 or 40. If you don't like either of them then you go on a Motorway (highway) which is 4 lanes wide on each side, the speed limit is 70mph but people get away with 80. Now I've cleared that up, why the HELL are you comparing A roads to car parks?!! Jeeezz... And I'm not saying YOU yourself wrote this but I goddamn hate it when people think we're all posh. Just because we speak with rounded accents doesn't make us posh and sure most of us prefer tea to coffee but WE DON'T EAT TONS OF CRUMPETS!!!!!! We like Skippy peanut butter too!!!!!!! And why does everyone think we aren't technoligacally advanced because we ARE!! Europe is going to have it's own equivalent of GPS and yes we bloody well do use iPhones and expensive laptops, at the moment im righting this on a top of the range macbook! One thing however that is true...we say bloody a lot, we just don't notice it I guess, I've probably said it a few times in this paragraph but HEY HO!

    Lol (that's that right we can say that too!)

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