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    January 20, 2006



    ok, Google needs to refine this Beta release - here I am, a total web geekette, and I could not for the life of me figure out to use that crazy thing...


    Yeah, it's not exactly user-friendly. My pointer is a little off - perhaps a hundred yards - and it makes me crazy that I can't figure out how to correct it. I'm all set to attack it again ...


    I can't because my husband is overprotective and doesn't want people to know where I live. I mean, YOU know where I live and he's cool with that. And he's aware that some freak could find me with a little effort. But I'm not allowed to just GIVE my zipcode away on the internet. (I actually think he's afraid that if people know where I live, they will send John Stamos to rescue me.)


    I'm not afraid to use my zipcode. Then again, I'm moving soon so my zipcod will be different after that. Same state, though.


    I totally understand the whole "No Zip Code" thing, Kalki ... you are excused from this particular exercise.


    ... and darlin' ... John Stamos may well be by to rescue you. I hear he's even doing children's birthday parties now, so - he's got the spare time.

    And with these mentions of John Stamos, I'm steadily climbing the search engine charts under the heading of "John Stamos". Dubious honour indeed.


    Yes...and I was a witness. But it was all done in the name of love.


    You know Nilbo - I'm 47 and getting into that time you just described - how is it by the way?

    I used to vacation in PEI as a kid - how is it now?


    So I went an added myself only to find that I can not use this as a way to stalk Kalki?


    I added. Michigan seems to be popular!


    I added myself. I almost made myself a guy since you have women all over your damn map, but only two mens.

    whore. ;)


    I'm there, too. It was messy, but I prevailed...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I have to admit, I went and fudged my zip code a bit and moved my marker slightly.

    Don't mind everybody knowing my city, but don't know if I want the Internet as a Whole to be able to zero in on my neighborhood. If my chaps came up missin', I wouldn't want there to be any hard feelings here.


    Damn ... so that house isn't yours? I've been peeking in the wrong window.

    I hate when that happens.


    I actually went back in and changed my zipcode too, so I can be on your map, but not really pointing at my house. Sorry. I have a paranoid fear about my blog being found by, say, medical school deans. I don't think they would find the humor in the word "fuck" quite like I do. I see Mr. Kalki had the same qualms. Luckily, I can put "Southern California" without being pinpointed too closely!


    I forgot HOW, dammit!
    this blog stuff takes too much fuggin time.


    Am i allowed to feel ripped off that it doesn't zoom all the way in on australia?


    Man, I'm missing out on JessicaRabbit stalking?! Dammit.


    Greetings from the far off land of Texas


    Okay, okay, Everybody's on the map already.
    I'm having Nilbo's blog withdrawal symptoms.

    JD's Rose

    See, the thing is, it doesn't actually go all over the world... we aren't special enough to earn a dot on the world!

    I'm going to check out your back deck though!


    OK, I zoomed in on you like you said. For heaven's sake, man, put on some PANTS! (You were right, your pointer is a little "off.")


    Yeah, it points slightly to the left. But if you follow the curve you get to the right place.

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