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    January 29, 2006



    It's true... I have boxers with holes in 'em and boxers with "poor elasticity" (take that any way you want). I think of them, and all my other old T-shirts and things I never wear, as "back-ups"... or stuff I could wear if I needed to go muck around or had nothing else clean. Both of these scenarios never really happen.


    So you're saying that when I surreptitiously enlarge the holes in my husband's underwear in order to hurry the throwing away of said underwear, I'm doing him a disservice?


    Rob will let me 'throw out' his underwear as long as I pinky-promise to keep them as cleaning cloths. (I know, I know - EEW. He got this idea from his mother, 'nuff said.) But, aha! I now realize that my cleaning cloth pile is serving as his secret stash!! Dude is SO busted.


    I'm with Ern - if there's a hole big enough for my finger to fit through, I rip that sucker from hell-ta-breakfast so it can't POSSIBLY be saved as "insurance"... and then I chuck it. This applies to unners, sox, and JEANS. Woe, Woe to the trusting and unwary soul who dareth to impart holey laundry in MY laundry basket!!!


    I LONG for a man who would keep underwear until it wore out! Think of the savings to our budget!! Hubby grew up with a mom who pressed his boxers.


    He's um... particular about them. He finds reason to be dissatisfied in a given pair long before I notice anything amiss. And they're expensive!!


    Staying at a hotel last week I had to choose between doing a laundry; buying new underwear; or wearing dirty underwear. I bought new ones - problem solved!


    Yes, why is it that men cannot throw out their holey (or should I say holy) underwear? My hubby has a few pairs that he just won't part with-- and I keep reminding him that they really aren't doing ANYTHING anymore--I got him to dispose of one of the worst pairs--can you say air conditioning?

    Your post made me laugh out loud!


    Uh oh, I iron son's boxers. But I don't mind ironing. Yes, I do spoil the kid rotten. Whenever I stop and buy him a latte for breakfast, the shoppe guy asks me how I expect him to find a good wife who will treat him so well?

    As for MrDoF and his undies--I sent him a link to this post to ask if Nilbo had consulted with him, because it sure looks like you both are in cahoots.


    Kalki, they make great rags though--very absorbent! And if you rip them really good, it will ensure he can't ever use them again. :)


    Oh my. I have one male of each type. My oldest is very particular about his undies. Have to be boxer briefs, the hanes-type without the tag on the back, its printed on or something.
    Youngest- to get him to put them on is a job in itself. He'd much rather go 'commando' (thats what we call 'riding bareback' in our house).

    Now, dear Nilbo, how do I make my oldest not be so anal about his undies?


    I think I could tolerate holes ANY DAY over racing strip stains. And, men, you all know that you have racing stripe stains. Don't lie!


    hmm... I think maybe we're on a similar wavelength, nilbs.

    I posted a graphic treatise on a related subject just the other day.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I have been an underwear-pitching wife on many an occasion. Often, I'll fake taking them to the 'mat for a "wash" and then ditch them in the laundromat trash cans.

    Guys, if you don't want this to happen - launder your own drawers.


    There are no racing stripe stains in this house. So I figure I can use them for cleaning rags. There's no "stash" here as I rip and cut the elastic completely off first.

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