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    January 19, 2006



    You look great to me. Oh--and--very distinguished.


    Happy Day, whenever it is/was! And while you may be right in your observations, you are certainly a long way from unattractive, Nils. Your wit is definitely more than a match for any wayward hairs!

    Tracy Lynn

    Man, you wouldn't know distinguished if it stared you in the face. I know this because I'm assuming you have access to mirror, and yet you still think you aren't distinguished looking.
    And even supposing that I'm wrong ( and I'm not) don't you know that smart is the most attractive genetic quality anyway?


    Umm .., this isn't what I intended. It's kind of embarrassing, in fact. I wasn't fishing for kind words, which is not to say I don't appreciate them.

    But that sorta slips my point, which is that despite common myth to the contrary, the years are no kinder to some men than they are to some women. That's all I was saying.

    Look, you want to tell me I'm cute, go ahead. You will make my daughters either laugh out loud or barf, and whichever way that goes, I'm all for it.

    But that wasn't the point, is all I'm saying.



    1. Characterized by excellence or distinction; eminent.

    2. Dignified in conduct or appearance.

    You are DEFINITELY #1 and not at all #2, at least as far as conduct goes. Heh. Which I'd say means you're pretty much perfect, ear tufts and all.

    Closet Metro

    I had an anthropology professor in college that said that in addition to the "natural selection" traits that help the survival of a species being passed on, there are also "sexual selection" traits - individuals that posess traits that are considered generally attractive to the opposite sex are more likely to reproduce. Thus, bald men with monobrows, and ear & nose tufts must have gotten laid a lot.


    Kalki: There is very little evidence that I am undignified in conduct. Witnesses are ALWAYS killed.

    CM: There is even less evidence that I got laid a lot. Witnesses are ALWAYS welcome. Sadly, participants are scarce.


    This is very funny. When I was younger, I always thought the "men get more distinguished-looking" thing was something made up by geezers trying to woo sweet young things. I didn't see it, didn't find older men attractive in the least. What has delighted me is how, as my husband ages, I find him more and more appealing. I like the crow's feet and gray temples on him that I never thought I would like on anyone. You ARE distinguished, in many ways; however, you don't LOOK distinguished, to me. You look FUN, which is even better, good for the long haul. The pix I've seen of you, I get that you're ornery, and irreverant, and warm. Yea, I know you weren't fishing for compliments, but there you go.
    Oh, and for something really funny on "distinguished," check out William's comment on mrtl's latest post.


    Oh, and I was gonna email you, but this is right here, and I'm lazy like that. I loved your comment at Deb's. I have never had a "favorite Danish poet" (had a favorite Danish pastry, but I digress), now I do. I love that quote, will keep and share it.

    Jim Fogg

    Distinguished or exstinquished? Most times when I see someone from my youthful days, I'm usually stunned by how "old" they look. In my mirror, I see someone who doesn't look a day over in their 50's aging better than women in their 50's? Two words...Susan Sarandon


    Ah, Nilbarino - don't forget about your recent weight loss - not bad for an old buck like you (ha!). Your face could be mangled, your limbs could be missing - you're looking pretty good, dear sir.


    Well, if you don't feel you fit the distinguished category then would you care to try for the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"?

    And, just for the record, I never attacked your face.


    Okay, I'm going to be completely boring here and say that natural selection involves passing on traits that you have at the time that you reproduce (i.e., usually when you're young). After you've reproduced you can go on and acquire any number of qualities such as ear hair and monobrow. These qualities have not been 'selected' since you didn't get them until after you reproduced.

    I told you I was going to be boring.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I have to admit, I DID picture my sister clawing at your face when I read that.

    And then I had to curl up in a little ball and rock until the scary feelings went away.

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