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    December 06, 2005



    Nils--let me just say--I know what you're feeling! I have had many different, um, trials with our newly purchased 125 year old house. Luckily all the plumbing had been updated--just not the sewer (it has been now)
    Have you ever noticed that there is no such thing as a straight wall or square corner in your house? My hubby said he's going to try to fix the plumbing on the clawfoot tub today--I'm kind of scared!

    That toilet sounds like a huge improvement--have fun--don't fiddle too much with the ball-cock (I just wanted to say that)--let us know how it went!

    Did you get my letter yet?

    Craig Willson

    Those of us who have lived in 150 year old homes, and have tread where you now tread, salute you.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You just watch how fast I run in the other direction when somebody starts to rip out a toilet (or any plumbing).

    There's only one task I trust to DIY, and that's only if it's inconvenient to call in tradespeople at that hour. ;) Let's just say it involves a monkey wrench...

    suburban misfit

    *crossing fingers*

    Shrinking Violet

    Hats off to you! Give us an update when your done!

    Shrinking Violet

    I meant "when you're done".

    Account Deleted

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