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    December 06, 2005



    I love that you said terlet. I have an aunt who calls it a terlet.

    Doing work on an old home like that must be hard. Plumbing is bad enough by itself without other people's cobble-jobs.

    Closet Metro

    The fact that this post includes the word "shop" to describe a place, instead of the act of spending money is further proof that You Do Rock.

    Amanda B.

    But Oooooh, a 150 year old house!! Yumminess.


    The fact that you were able to do it in a day is very, Very impressive. I doff my hat in your general direction!

    Of course you rock. Isn't that the hallmark of a Renaissance man?


    Ok, see, now I think that does rock! I'd call my dad. I'm so crap when it comes to stuff like this.


    I think Allie rocks. And you, too. But mostly Allie. :)


    Oh, I would have killed my dad, and the plumber and everyone else in my general vicinity if the shower got turned off while I was IN it! That is sooo much worse than an accidental terlet flush.

    And you do rock, btw, since there is still a flushable terlet to be used.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Good for you for the terlet (and Squirl - remember, we also have cousins who call it a "tarlet") install.
    Bad, bad dad for fuckin' with your daughter's shower water supply.


    To reiterate - and my darlin' daughter Allie missed this essential point, too - it was not *I* who cut off her water. In fact, at the time, *I* was wrapped around the toilet bowl upstairs like Bucky's worst prom date. Totally, completely innocent - but still worthy of being cussed out by my sewer-mouthed daughter.

    And Kalki just thinks Allie rocks because Allie is a much younger version of Kalki.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oh, snap!

    (and my prom date is wrapped around another man now, thank you very much)


    Can I please point out that what made me so mad was not that I was in the shower. The thing that pissed me off was that I MADE A POINT of going upstairs, saying "Dad, is there water?" After receiving the go-ahead, I proceeded to get in the shower, which was turned off MID-SHAVE. THAT is why I was pissed. Because while a surprise stop to your water supply is annoying, being freezing cold and covered in shave gel? Sucks.


    Maybe this incident takes the great Cecil down a few notches on the worlds' best plumbers list?


    It did for Allie, but I still think he's the cat's ass, and I pay the bills.

    bobblehead hillbilly

    We had an episode like that after we moved into our house. Turns out the toilet had leaked for many years. The previous owners solution was to raise up the toilet and shim it with several layers of linolium. I ended up replacing the whole floor right down to the floor joists. We also have the plumbing that goes steel to copper to pvc then back to steel with pipes that end in the middle of the room with a cap on the end. I tell you, some peoples handy work leaves alot to be desired.


    I have a rule about plumbing: If after 15 minutes I can't visualize myself getting the job done, I call a plumber. It's worth the cash, and I preserve the number of cuss words alotted to my life plan.

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