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    December 19, 2005


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    No pictures?


    So glad I found you again, recently. I'd lost all my bookmarks at one point, and am slowly rebuilding. Ahhh, Nilbo. You make me happy. Love your site, thank you.


    Even the writer E.B. White--a big animal lover--painted Templeton the Rat ("Charlotte's Web") as a self-serving/gluttonous animal without a conscience. I believe he referred to him as lacking "the milk of rodent kindness".

    The rat had to go! No tears here.


    Bucky: was I unable to make it clear that I hate rats? I hate them enough to not spend a moment taking a picture of one. Even once it was reduced to rat pizza. I contemplated including a picture of me swinging my gigantic maul, but in the end, didn't want to terrify everyone.

    ToadyJoe, welcome back ... we've all missed you.

    And WordGirl, I knew you'd understand.

    David Zinger

    Hi Nils,

    I hope your back gets better. If you still lived in Winnipeg you could just ice it by standing outside.

    I am also a poor SOP (Spouse Of Physiotherapist). I think we need to form a support group for all the spouses of physios who just get heck rather than treatment. At lease Susan tells me which physio I should go see.

    Have a good holiday season. All the best from Winnipeg.


    Bleh! The rat must die, indeed. Bravo.


    You done good, sir. I am terrified of mice/rats/what have you. I totally feel your pain. ICK.


    I totally understand. I'm the same way with spiders. They JUST HAVE TO DIE.

    I have spent an entire day chopping the heads off rats with a guillotine and extracting brains and organs. My karma's still ok, so I'm sure yours will be too.


    Eeeeeww. YUCK. And wow - I love reading you.


    Have you ever tried to catch a packrat with a regular mousetrap?? It sounds like this:

    scurry, scurry, scurry, scurry.
    scurry, scurry, thump, scurry.

    stupid packrat. I just really hope your rat was a bachelor uncle rat.... not one of those rats with families and cousins and all sorts of distant relations....

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