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    December 30, 2005



    enjoy, enjoy

    Good new year to you, and everyone.


    Have a wonderful time! I'm sitting here reading about Dooce in "Glamour" magazine...a rag I never, ever read. Your evening sounds better than mine. Happy New Year!

    Closet Metro

    Sounds like a helluva party, one to look forward to each year.


    I'm just a little ol' stay at home body who loves music but not all the other goings-on you have mentioned.

    You can celebrate double and say it's for me.


    Prince Edward Island is a place I vacationed at with my grandparents in the 60's. I remember great fee lobster fests at all Catholic churches.

    Nilbo - ever since I got into the blog stuff i have been awash in a wave of estrogen - please check out my site and let me know if I can survive the next uterus convention.

    My father is/was Canadien and grew up in Chateguey , NY. Know where that is?


    When I read this, I read "Cajun," and picture a N'Orleans party. Either way, sounds good for the soul.


    Ahh, Susie ... and of course you know (but others might not) that when the British expelled the Acadians from Eastern Canada in the 1750s, dispersing them to other French colonies, many ended up in Louisiana, where the Acadians became Acajuns and finally Cajuns. The music and culture are very similar, and in fact descendants of Acadians now living in Louisiana often bear a familial resemblance to their Canadian cousins - short, powerfully built, dark-haired, craggy faced with prominent Gallic features ... So yeah, read "Cajun" and you'll see what kind of time you can have at these parties.

    Rock, when awash in a sea of estrogen, the best strategy is to surf. And thank God you're not stuck in the testosterone end of the pool. They pee in that end.

    MrsDoF, on your behalf I celebrated a little extra. Now, could you come share the headache this morning?

    CM, this particular party happens in December, but there are parties through the year and each one is amazing in its own right.

    Thank you, Sheryl and WordGirl ... it was a great party. And Happy New Year to all!


    Sure beats my plans of making guacamole and visiting friends who also were unable to find a babysitter...

    ...Same thing we did last year...


    Sounds like a plan to me!
    Happy New Years to one of my oldest, dearest friends. I'll toast to you tonight. :)


    Hope your headache is gone now. :-)

    Happy New Year, Nils.


    Ah, this post feeds my soul. Thank you. And happy new year to you, my dear friend.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Happy New Year, Nilbo and family!
    You made a more festive weekend of it than I did. I need to put down the Play-Doh and get out more often...


    We had a 13 year old boy running the karaoke machine and we sang, "I love Rock and Roll"

    It's hard to keep any sign of dignity when you spill wine DOWN YOUR BACK. yes, back.

    I wish I could have hung out with you!


    I like your new picture Nils.


    Sounds like a great party!

    The thing about California is that you can't use a snowbank (or the garage, or the back porch) to expand your fridge space at holiday party time! Definitely a problem.

    wordgirl was the party?


    I'm jealous! I so would have gone to that party with you, Diet Dew in hand, with my best shit kickers on, so I could dance a jig in the kitchen. Or the living room. Or with the smokers.

    Happy and Blue

    Thank you very much for your comment to Alison on Very Zen regarding our First Nations peoples in Canada.
    Far more eloquent than I could have stated the situation.
    Appreciate it..

    Amanda B.

    I know you survived the evening, because I've conversed with you via comments. So tell us, was there table dancing?


    That is amazing about the Acajuns. WOW! I want to be smart like you:)

    I have never been firthur East than Toronto. Always wanted to. One of my bros (who is a published writer. Search for "A Day does not go by" on Amazon and his book will pop up. It is interesting)got his Masters in Creative Writing from UNB in Fredricton and loved it there. My niece goes to Acadia in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. She is in her first year after graduating from a private school in Costa Rica. She LOVES IT there!

    I loved the short history lesson. I will come back for more:)



    What a lovely event to attend! I just finished playing my guitar and singing to some Alison Krauss music and can just hear those fiddles along with all the other instruments you had mentioned, ringing in my ears. (I am partial to fiddles).

    The food, music, wonderful...Happy New Year Nilbo.

    John Ansley

    Another Acadian Blog:

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