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    December 08, 2005



    You should be a natural at radio shows! Of course you won't suck. :)


    Bonne chance!


    Ern's comment comes dangerously close to "you have a great face for radio." You won't suck a bit; in fact, I'm sure you'll sorta rock. Have fun :)

    suburban misfit

    Break a leg!


    Well, if you're as good as you were in your book (which, BTW, my Dad received, opened EARLY and promptly started reading and laughing--did you get my letter yet? Thank you again so much!) then you'll be fine! Just don't break your leg for real, K? It sucks trying to shower/bathe around a cast!


    Good Luck.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    ...and Moses moseyed down the mountain with one stone tablet which read "Nilbo, thou shalt not suck."


    Woo! Have fun! You're gonna be great!


    Nilbo- You live in a "Suck-Free Zone". Therefore, I predict great things will come from this show. You'll do fine! Break a leg anyway (do they say that on the radio?)


    Give 'er!


    OK, I'm gonna have to stop commenting altogether, because Susie comes around later and badmouths me! My reputation's going to be shot to hell! The other day over on Greenthumb's blog she actually accused me of beating off. Yeah. She tries to seem all sweet, but I know the truth. And the half truth.

    What I meant was, I'm sure your show will go/went well, because Nilbo, you have a mighty quick wit, my friend.

    Bucky Four-Eyes did it go, eh?


    Good Luck! You won't need it though ;)


    I LOVE 'madly off!'. When are you on I am totally listening to it.


    Good luck Nilbo!


    Oh, please! You don't need luck.
    You will be charming, as always.


    Thanks for all your good wishes, kids. I appreciate it. Amy, I'm not sure when it will air - soon, I'd think. I'll have to let you know.


    Ooooh. DO you know when this one is going to air??

    I totally wanna hear this!

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