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    December 28, 2005



    and those of us without health insurance at the age of 40 (ahem) one, take those dice in hand and roll 'em again...

    -but we also remember to go hug everyone too!

    :)Thanks, Nils.


    I'm back to say thanks....I needed that!


    Thanks for the kick in the ass! I've gone to get my boobs pressed every year since I was 38. I haven't made this year's appointment, so I best get off my rear end and do so. As we speak I have a cousin whose breast cancer is now in her brain. The clock is ticking for her and it makes me very angry. You've done a good thing here, Nilbo. I'll pay it forward.


    I've had lumps before. Thank God they were all benign, but I didn't know until they were checked.

    I know some women who would rather not know. How can you do that? If it's bad, then you can start treatment. If you leave it, then, who knows???

    Thanks for posting this one.


    I recently went through something very similar... though the period of not being sure if it was cancer or an auto-immune disease, or nothing, lasted about 12 weeks. The experience came at a good time for me, a good time to grow, not an easy time. And it changed my life forever.


    Thank you. :o)


    OK, you're right. Thank you! Happy '06!


    No womanly dials here. It's all manly knob.

    I stop by every now and then to see what's shakin'.

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