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    November 28, 2005



    As soon as I saw that her name was Kelly, I knew you'd agree to it. Men always agree to our requests, if you know what I mean.

    (BTW, that's a great London Eye photo.)


    too cool! hey, remember that comment you left about the weight loss thing? have you been over to the forum HDL made? cuz you should - and share your secrets!


    Don't you just hate it when you work hard to change something about yourself--physically or otherwise--and you still get pigeon-holed for the old qualities? I'm glad someone noticed your efforts...even though the mattress layers of Santa costume. You MUST be thin if they can detect your svelte bod through all that!

    I know that doing it for such a good cause helped the matter a lot. I don't mind "taking a bullet" like that if someone really needs it. You're a good soul.


    Sorry...typing without my contacts in. I meant "even through". Not "even though".
    Someone get me a white cane. STAT!

    Tracy Kaply

    Well done you, taking a Christmas bullet for the animals!
    If it helps at all, I think you make a very svelte Santa.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    *removes nose from Santa's crotch*

    Oh, was someone in line behind me?

    suburban misfit

    It's Santa Nilbo!

    Good for you, doing something good. The *real* fat man will be sure to leave something wonderful under your tree this year.


    Look--it's svelt Santa--how sweet of you! Love the hair too...

    In town here we have a guy that LIVES to play the part of Father Christmas--he has a big floor length red cape and long white hair and a long white beard and he charges $100/hour --YOIKES! If I could make that much dressing up in a costume (not a skimpy one) I'd do it! I'll dress up as an elf for $50 an hour....


    You got to be Dumbledoore AND Santa all in one year.

    You are the coolest guy on the internet!


    He gets less cool when he doesn't omit the part about how he quite possibly scarred a kid for life.


    My daughter's clumsy sentence construction aside, she is referring to a moment when Santa, in an unguarded moment, was relaxing and airing out his head - hey, a fuzzy hat AND a wig? Santa's head needs air!

    I was recounting a trip earlier that day to the store when this youngster came wandering around the corner. Santa's elf, having been caught unawares (despite it being her JOB to make sure Santa wasn't surprised), poked me in the side.

    I immediately recovered, told the young fellow "Don't do drugs, kid," and there was a heartwarming scene wherein he kinda ran off to hide.

    Sneaky little bastard gets a lump of coal this year.


    Your daughter reads your blog--that's really cool.

    On a side note: I left the book (authored and autographed by you and which arrived well before Christmas--Thanks!) on the table in the kitchen.
    A couple hours later overheard youngest son reading part of it aloud in a phone call to a buddy. Much laughter and thigh slapping.

    Jim Fogg

    Nils is that you? Billy Bob Thornton perhaps?

    When my sister was about 6 or so, there was a Santa at a store called Clarke's which was an early version of Wal-Mart. After seeing the discount Santa, my dad asked what he said while she was sitting on his lap....her reply.....he said move along little girl.........

    Happy Holidays.....


    Did you stuff your crotch with milkbones?


    Why do you think it's so difficult to lure Bucky away from it?


    I know it's been said a bunch a times, but good for you for donating your time to such a great cause.


    Did you just call Bucky a dog?

    Congrats on the weight loss. And good for you, being Santa to those critters.

    Just for that, some tasteless holiday mental health jokes for you:
    What's a schizophrenic's favorite Christmas carol?
    Do You Hear What I Hear?

    An agoraphobic's favorite?
    Home for the Holidays

    A pyromaniac's favorite?
    Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

    (Please don't report me anywhere. Work is a little slow today :0)


    Bucky does what to her sugary crotch?


    Yes, yes. That explains it.


    Well, even if you didn't look like Santa this year good for you for doing it.

    and almost no arrest record for moral terpitude

    Very discreet aren't you?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oh, now the secret of my sugary crotch is out.

    One at a time, folks. Unless there are actually two of you who want some.


    You're a good man, Charlie Brown!

    I'm thinking some sort of calendar is next....

    Amanda B.

    Aw, that just made my day. You are so kind, Nilbo. I smooch you.


    I gotta ask, where's the picture of Al as an elf?


    I hear the real Santa is on a fitness regime as well--he was having trouble keeping up with the route, what with his old age and the 6 billion people and all.

    *grumble, grumble, stupid breeders, grumble*


    Bucky - good things come to those that wait. I can be patient.

    Ok, you are possibly the best looking Santa I have ever seen. The girl on the phone was right though. More padding needed.



    You got to be Dumbledoore AND Santa all in one year.

    You are the coolest guy on the internet!

    ...You forgot his turn as a crystal-ball consulting psychic!

    Monica C.

    I keep running into discussions on various blogs about older pets ... my cocker spaniel is 14 years old and is really slowing down (except when treats are involved). I just get so sad to think of anything happening to him. Something like a picture with Santa would be nice - you did a good deed!


    btw, "snuffle" is a wonderful word, and sadly underused. Thank you for featuring "snuffle" here.


    Nilbo--you are so awesome that Pete said he would hump your leg.


    The puppy story is so sad! Jessa's heart beats like crazy when she's excited, too. I know exactly what you're talking about. I just hope her heart is the right size, and not too large, medically speaking.

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