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    October 21, 2005


    suburban misfit

    That was really interesting and I, too, am glad that I don't have to follow the show-stoppers!


    try being on the other end - the one where you have to DECIDE. it is not fun, not at all.
    sounds like you had fun though.


    Been there, done that, too ... and yeah, it's not easy. But when faced with four or five killer acts to choose from, it becomes a no-lose situation - especially if you've taken a kick-ass seminar in marketing ...


    Your seminar sounds like fun.


    I checked out the link. Made me want to come to your workshop. I sort of "sell" "performance," doing continuing ed. workshops for other therapists. We all have to attend them, and most of them suck.

    And I also must say, to your characterization of audience members, I may have been drunk, but I CARED, dammit. I cared.


    Heehee Susie ... I got the sense that you cared, right about the time your head hit the table ...

    People seem to find the seminar a fairly painless way to learn, Squirl. I try to have fun with it ...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Susie, were you one of those bar patrons who'd wait until the band was done for the night, then loop your arm around my neck and tell me, about an inch from my face and with flammable breath, that you've always wanted to be a singer, too, and DAMN I do a great job, and am I blind because I wear shades, and you're not leaving the bar until I try out for "American Idol" even though I'm about 15 years too old? Are you one of them?


    Uh, no, Bucky. That was me. Sorry...


    I am SO not cut out for that business. But I do enjoy those of you who are!


    "No ... no .. lishen to me ... serioushly ... you're fuggin great, ya know? No, seriously ... you are gee are ay t ... no, lishen ... lemmee try yer guitar, OK? No, man, really ... I can play ... ask Ernie .. ERNIE! ERNIE! ... fuggit, he's passed out ... seriously, man ... yer great ... oh, christ, what did I step in ... dammit .. ERNIE!"

    That about it, Bucky?


    Very cool that you do seminars, Nilbo!
    I love when people are really, really talented. Makes you feel lucky to be there, at that time.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Nilbo, that's pretty fuckin' accurate.

    And Circus Kelli, I remember you now. Didn't you throw up in the pocket of your boyfriend's coat at closing time, about once a month?
    No, wait...that was me. Sorry.

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