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    October 31, 2005


    Flaming Grammar Nazi Infidel

    OH come on, Hallowe'en?
    I've never heard of that!

    prove it.

    (I know you can, but I just want to know WHY it is spelled that way).

    are you giving out mini dictionaries instead of candy? :))))))


    From Wikipedia: The [pervasive, yet incorrect] term "Halloween" is derived from "Hallowe'en", an old contraction, still retained in Scotland, Ireland and some parts of Canada, of "All Hallow's Even", so called as it is the evening (even, spoken also e'en, is an old word for evening; eve) before the feast of All Saints (an important day in the Christian calendar), which used to be called "All Hallows" derived from All Hallowed Souls.


    Oh .. and the idea of mini-dictionaries is excellent - for next year. This year, I'm going to have to content myself with a pamphlet translating Amurrican into real English - with a special section devoted to the heathen practice of omitting the oh-so-necessary letter u from its rightful place.

    suburban misfit

    Ah, yes, but you see...I don't live in Scotland, Ireland, or some parts of Canada.

    Return of the Flaming Nazi Grammar Infidel

    Nor do I. I live in Amurrica, in that part of the country which is also known as "The Other Canada." That's because all the snowbirds flock in here every winter and amuse us with their funny money and friendly accents. They also drive slower than the average 80 year old.
    how aboot that?

    besides, NOBODY talks like that anymore Nils!!

    btw, can you send me a pamphlet?

    I'm off to Atlanta Bread, want some lunch?


    Ooops--I know it should be Hallowe'en, but it's just easier to write it without the apostrophe....OK, OK, I'll fix my, the things I gotta do around here to make people happy!....

    Happy All Halloweds Evening!


    If you don't feel comfortable with Hallowe'en you could always just spell it Samhain.

    After reading my Canadian blogger buds I have the urge to spell neighbor as neighbours. And you folk are such delightful neighbors. :-)


    Samhain the holiday was always nicer than Samhain the band. Now THEY were scary.


    Nils love, the key word in that definition is OLD. I shall say no more...


    You always say you'll say no more. And yet, you always say more.

    Circus Kelli



    Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en... Have always spelled it that way, and always will. It has character. It's more interesting. It shows its history.

    That makes me interesting, full of character (my history is my own business!), and NOT a weenie.

    nyah :-)


    Mary, darlin' ... you may not be a weenie ... but you are definitely a we'enie ... and welcome to the club.


    [starts to speak but then clamps mouth firmly shut...for now]


    OH! An honest thank you for the reminder! I had actually forgotten all about that damned apostrophe.


    How bout just good old Happy New Year.

    Laura -VS

    Three Phrases from the penis enlargement site?
    hmmm, Nils? was that a site you've been visiting? something we don't know?? ;) (g)


    My penis size is on a "need-to-know" basis ... mostly because the level of interest generated when it was on a "want-to-know" basis was so utterly depressing.



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