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    October 11, 2005



    Yea! Nils is back! Funny stories are just on the horizon, I feel it.... We missed you. Glad your tour went well. Fill us in when you get a chance. And the dog on the bed thing? Trying to tell the dog it now has to sleep on the floor is like telling a man he has to go back to holding hands, if you know what I mean... *wink*


    If you find Roxie reclining in your favorite chair with a beer resting against her paws, you'll know you were gone too long.
    And you'd be right, too. ;)

    Amanda B.

    I'm glad you are back. Whenever Scott is out of town I have the whole bed full of critters. Bad guys don't like critters. ;)


    JD - I've got a couple of stories I'll share in the next day or two.

    Amanda - GOOD guys don't like critters in the bed, either. They're too ... umm .. curious.

    Laura - my chair is sacrosanct - even my kids won't dare sit in it. But Roxy can have the beer. The second she touches my rye, she becomes Roxy the Amazing Flying Dog. AUWM2.


    Welcome home.
    Please stop leaving me.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I just wanna see you in the ruby slippers, dude.

    And nothing else.

    suburban misfit

    You're back! You're back!

    We've missed you.


    Missed you!

    You'll get used to the dog in the bed. It's really quite endearing. They just want to snuggle with their pack! Who needs space to roll over, or covers? Overrated.


    Torrie, dahling, I never really left. I just wasn't where I should be.

    Bucky ... dude ... you'll get the ruby slippers photo as soon as that used rolling pin clears customs. I can't imagine what they're doing with it, but I imagine it drove the sniffing dogs crazy.

    SM ... I know you missed me. Recalibrate your sights and allow for the wind.

    Ern ... I don't mind her snuggling with her pack. It's MY pack I'm not keen on her snuggling with. And neither space nor covers is an issue, because I sleep with a woman - so I get neither.

    Silly Nessa

    I feel so blessed - you came by to see me amidst all the catching up I'll bet you had to do :) Thank you! I'll be emailing tomorrow after my appointment on the ADD thing - kinda scary!


    "Just follow the yellow brick road."
    "I'm a little bit muddled."
    "Only bad witches are ugly."
    "have no power here! Now begone, before somebody drops a house on you!"

    I thought maybe it was "You can never go home again." but then I remembered that was a Wolfe not a Witch.

    Welcome Home.


    Silly Nessa ... good luck with your appointment. And remember that "different" does not constitute a "disorder". Learning I had undiagnosed ADD was about the best thing that's happened to me in years.

    Sheryl - surely you're toying with me, and you know it was Glenda who told Dorothy to repeat the words "There's no place like home."

    And now we have reached the limits of Judy Garland/Wizard of Oz/Musicals references for a practicing straight man.


    Well, I'm glad you're home. Thanks for stopping by and commenting today. I needed the lecture on gargoyles v. grotesques. BTW, was Bucky able to bring her marks up?


    Have you ever seen the magazine ADDitude?
    I often think I've got ADD but don't want to take any meds. Though I seem to do better at staying organized while working--than when i wasn't!


    Squirlie - Bucky always gets full marks - it's those oral exams. And it wasn't a lecture - just some pompous knowitalling ...

    Leane - haven't seen that mag - I'll check it out. If you think you might have ADD, there are a number of online inventories you can have a look at to solidify your thinking, and any good therapist can help you with a diagnosis. I'm not big on medication as a general rule - but I'm here to tell you that Tom Cruise (speaking of pompous knowitalls) is full of crap. Ritalin has - in my experience - zero bad side effects and a huge upside. As with any medication, your mileage may vary ... and again, consult a professional. Just sayin' it's made a world of difference to me.


    I'm going to email you-
    (that way the world doesn't have to hear about the ADHD in my family etc!!) but I do agree--Tom Cruise is full of crap!


    Glad to get any (non-spam) e-mails, Leane ... but the world could stand to hear more about ADD and ADHD. The more people know, the more they'll be able to see that it presents challenges - and huge opportunities.

    When I was first diagnosed with adult ADD, I was a little embarrassed and ashamed. Now I can see myself as a member of a huge, secret club - with members like Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and millions of other high achievers.

    Not that I'll ever invent anything, or paint the Mona Lisa. But great things are possible when you have a built-in predeliction for multi-tasking, and all you have to do is learn how to control it.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Maybe you could paint the Bona Lisa?

    I hear you need a special, um, brush for that.


    I hate dim hotel rooms. I once insisted that we buy light bulbs to replace all the ones in the hotel room. Ah, we had a great time that evening, screwing...lightbulbs.


    Hey Nils--welcome back! Would the Bona Lisa be all off-white in colour? (Sorry I asked....)


    I agree Nils about ADHD and the world needing to know more!! I did email you at hotmail--hope it went through. I write for the magazine ADDitude, and think that you'd have a lot to offer the magazine, yourself! They do a lot about adults with ADD. I was glad to hear Ty Pennington from that Home Makeover show has publicized the fact that he is also ADD.


    Buckster - I'll love ya till my Bona LeavesYa ...

    Kelly - see? Always go for double beds. Much easier to screw in

    lightbulbs, because you can reach them.

    Effie - you are allowing Bucky to corrupt your mind. Good girl.

    Leane - e-mail received and reply pending. I was gonna do it right away but got distracted ... hey, wait a damn minute ...


    Welcome home you dirty old man.


    Moi? I'm hardly "old" ...


    Okay, I know you're "trivia guy"... but it's Glinda, not Glenda.

    There is just NO way I can feel good about pointing out that mistake to you.


    Okay, I know you're "trivia guy"... but it's Glinda, not Glenda.

    There is just NO way I can feel good about pointing out that mistake to you.


    Welcome back to you, Nilbo.

    I have to tell you, I loved "Down to the library". Reminded me of living in NS and how people used to talk. Ain't it.


    Welcome back Nils!

    I was worried sick.


    Yeah, Davey, you're officially ready to come out now. It'd be best if you break the news to your girlfriend before she reads this.

    Amy, it WAS a very Maritimes way to put it ... and in rural Manitoba, yet ...

    And Marit, darlin' ... sorry to scare the crap out of you .. and out of you .. and out of you ...


    Oh, and Davey ... all those years of teaching me and everyone else how to use computers ... and you don't have the patience to wait for the comments to load before you click again, so you end up double-posting? Shame on you. I'm going to leave it up, just to remind all the newbies.


    Hey Nils--you have to go visit Bucky--she left something for you there! teehee


    Oh, beleive me. I STILL don't think there is any crap to be scared out of me. I'm running on empty.


    The sultan of sarcasm, the prince of parody, the king of comedy, the czar of zany, the literati of glitterati has returned!

    And, Hi Nils!


    WAIT. Nils and Davey? Davey H. and Nils? Can it be you?!


    Umm .. I'm Nils. And Davey is Davey S., not H., so ... do we know you, Britmartini?


    I think Britmartini was thinking of Nils Edwards and Davey Havok. And if i know better this isn't the Nils she was thinking of. But i may be wrong. i am so clueless.

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