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    October 28, 2005



    There's a little tear in my eye. *sniff* So tender.

    Craig Willson

    Alas it is not mine - but came to me from my dearest friend on the face of the planet. It is a perfect explanation why he is a very close friend.


    This is wonderful, I'll try to think of more. And God help my old ass, I actually quoted some Tapestry lyrics to a blogfriend not long ago. *weeping*

    Not Laura

    When you are sad, I will tell you to GET laid.

    When you smile, it scares me. That's how I know you're up to something.

    When you need help moving, I'll call the movers for you.

    Don't walk behind me, it aggravates my other, paranoid self.
    Don't walk in front of me, or i'll quietly stop walking so that you will never see me again.
    Just walk beside me, in a straight line, without falling, so the cop will never know the difference.

    Amanda B.

    This is a great list. :D


    Ah, Ern ... how I love to affect you that way.
    Craig: As I said, that's why you're my friend, dude.
    Susie: no shame in quoting the lyrics to Tapestry. The shame comes in not realizing it's closing in on 40 frigging years old.
    Not Laura: I love your additions. And if you HAD been Laura, I'd have a longer list of things I love about you.
    Amanda: it's the cynic's version of those sucky mass e-mails. We need more people in this world who say "Oh, for Christ's sake, shut UP."


    I think I saw this in a mass email as new Hallmark cards. :-)


    Humblebub's beer blog rocks.


    Humblebub's beer blog rocks.

    Craig Willson beer blog here - think you mean our pal Al.

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