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    September 13, 2005



    Oh...oh god. Yes, that's it. That's the one.

    ::reaching for paper bag to breath into::


    (Oh geez, come on Kelly. BREATHE into, for pete's sake.) I'm going to bed now.

    Thanks for everything, Nils.


    You're handsome, by the way. (Sorry for the mass commenting - that picture is preventing me from properly organizing my thoughts.)


    The claustrophobia flashback is clearly crippling your judgement, but thank you nonetheless.

    Amanda B.

    Eeeeeeep. I think that would be the end of me. Me no likey small spaces. Or elevators.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    There's not even enough room in that elly-vator for self love.
    And Kelly's right - that's a great picture. Your beard might be a bit whiter than in your blog pic, but you look a lot younger in the elevator pic. Anything to do with whatchyer drinkin' there?


    The beard in my blog pic is dyed ... when I'm doing shows (especially my first, "The Truth About Daughters"), I don't want to confuse the audience by wandering out onstage with a baby in my arms and a white beard, so I darken it for tours and let it grow back when the tour is done. The blog pic was taken a couple of years ago, when I was tipping the scales at a cool 260. In the elevator pic, I'm at about 185. So therein might lie the secret to looking younger ...


    Get out, you were never 260??? no way...
    You never looked 260 anyway. nooo.
    I would need an entire pitcher of margaritas before i'd get on that thing.
    or at least 3 jack and cokes.
    (that's rye and coke to you Canadians) (g)


    I so want to make a comment that is related to the elevator, but I have to say...


    suburban misfit

    Nearly every single elevator we encountered in Germany, while living there, was the same size as that Paris one.

    And my husband is 6'2". Yep.


    You are very cute in that picture. I decided that before I read the other commenters.


    (sigh) Yeah, the story of my life. "Ohh, you're so cute! Ohhh, you're so funny! Ohh, you're so nice! Now, sit here and let me complain to you about the guy I'm boinking." (sigh)

    I'm kidding. You're all far too kind. Or maybe it's just a good picture. Or maybe you're all drunk. Or maybe you can sense my discomfort with the entire topic and wish the hell you'd focus on the size of the elevator, WHICH WAS THE POINT I WAS MAKING.

    And yes, Laura, I was 260. Okay, 258. I always carried weight well, but it was there. It ain't, no more. Now I'm (evidently) cute. But there was a reason that the review in the Orlando Sentinel began with "Ling is a round, bald man ...". It was a good review, but has anyone ever liked having those words written about them?


    If they ever refer to me as a round bald man, you'll know I was serious about the sex change decision. The more I think about it... well damm, I'd make a good man. I was always told I threw the football like a guy.
    I'll contact the Sentinel reviewer for you and beat the crap out of him. how 'bout that?

    By the way, bald is in. It's hot right now. Lots of guys are shaving their heads these days. Ever see a poor sap that has shaven his head, only to find out he's got a lopsided skull? Remind me to get out my cam/cell phone and go around taking picts of them. (g)

    It should make you feel better to know I've never thought of you as "cute". (g). ;)


    Oh, it does. But I'd be so much happier if you had a cute, nice, funny guy you could complain to about me.


    Oh my god---that gives me a panic attack just looking at it.


    He's not THAT cute.

    But the elevator was THAT small.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Zing! goes Allie.

    I think we've all learned a valuable lesson from this post.

    Size DOES matter.


    Yup--younger looking with a white beard--interesting, eh?!And svelte too--I have to say, I agree with the masses, it don't hurt my eyes to look at you. But my that is a tiny elevator! And congrats on losing the weight--my hubby is struggling with that..he's about 225 right now...we'll see how that goes...


    Well... Um, people have sex in elevators?
    Huh. I, um, never heard that before.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Of COURSE they don't, Torrie.
    And neither do they have sex in the stairwell of a nice New Orleans hotel.
    Because that would be WRONG.

    Hiroshi Tracy

    oh,I find smaller elevator.

    Can you close the door?

    Yes,I can, because I am JAPANESE.

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