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    September 13, 2005


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Aaaaaaah, The Tom.
    I got hooked at about age 13 when, as a fan of Rickie Lee Jones, I heard that the two of them dated, and was curious enough to find one of his albums. I thought he'd be some pretty-boy singer/, I was wrong about the pretty part.
    My first find was "Foreign Affair" and hooked I was. I started to buy up what I could find - I think "Blue Valentines" was the new album at the time - and, not surprisingly, I didn't have a single little teenage friend who wanted to listen to "Whistlin' Past the Graveyard" with me. Squirl did, however, take me to see Mr. Waits perform when I was 13. Still one of the best concerts I've ever seen, right up there with the last time I saw him in '87.
    I was OK with some of his experimental stuff ("Swordfishtrombones" - love it), but I just don't have any taste for the likes of "Black Rider" or "Alice." Just a little too disjointed for me.

    OK, I'll stop before this turns into a post within a post. If I'm ever up your way, I owe you a drink and a big Tom Waits mix CD.

    suburban misfit

    LOVE Tom Waits. I'm a big fan of the different, so there you go.


    Ohh, screw the drink (well, don't) (well, OK) ... but a Tom Waits mix CD? I'm all ears ....

    By the way, you commented when I was back editing and adding to the post ... and no need to worry about the whole "Comment becoming a post" thing - I'd be the very last person to take anyone to task for that ...


    I was fourteen when my boyfriend played Tom Waits for me the first time. I thought he was black. (TW, not my boyfirend.) (Hey, I was ignorant, what can I say?) Whenever I thought about breaking up with him, he'd play "....and it's time, time, time, that you loved, and it's time, time, time...." and I would give up and stay with him. Eventually, though, I was "Walking Spanish Down the Hall" and out the door, as well. Still love Tom Waits - he's an original.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Audio post, Nilbo, PLEASE!


    OK, I don't know Tom Waits' music, so brace yourself for a piece of randomness:

    Your writing reminds me of Bill Bryson. That is all.


    I have some of his demo work - REALLY early stuff - Nils, your wife might like it better - he actually doesn't sound as "though he is gargling with kerosene". Its a prettier vocal sound, but not nearly as gut-wrenching to your vitals emotionally.
    ~I can't take credit for that kerosene quote, I read it somewhere.~


    Bucky: I tried, and seriously: sober, it just doesn't work. I need the liquor to loosen up the cords. It's a physical thing - I can get close, but it's not that jaw-dropping, dead on, holy God you DO sound like him! experience. Without the leekor, it's just another geek making croaking sounds.

    Ern: a high compliment indeed. Now find thee a Tom Waits album and give it a listen. I recommend "Heart of Saturday Night" for neophytes.

    WTF: my wife's feelings on TW are entrenched and unchangeable. You could have a tape of him as a 10 year old soprano with the American Boy's Choir, and she'd still wince.

    JD: First time I heard him, I was holding his album cover, looking at his face .. and STILL thought the voice I was hearing HAD to come from a black man ...

    SM: they don't come much different than TW.


    I have to agree with Ern, your writing does remind me of Bill Bryson as well. I know that for a writer it's a mixed compliment to hear that you sound like anyone else - and, of course, it's a generalization - even if that writer is brilliant. But mainly I think it's the astute observations coupled with the self-deprecating humor.

    I've now blown enough smoke...

    That is all.


    I hope you don't take it as a mixed complement. I love comparing writing styles, and I'll jot a note in the margin when a section of a book particularly reminds me of another author.


    Oh, I took it as a very real compliment - I'm a big Bill Bryson fan, and if people see some similarities in our writing styles, that's better than fine by me.


    I do like Tom Waits. I'm very fussy about singing voices. Voices that are trained for the stage are my favorite. But some that aren't "perfect" still appeal to me. Tom Waits is one of those. Thank Miss Bucky for introducing me to his music.

    Closet Metro

    After Sarah McLachlan covered his "Ol 55" I thought he should cover her song "Possession," which was written about a stalker that she had. I'd love to hear his delivery of the twisted lines like "I'll hold you down and kiss you so hard. I'll take your breath away."

    Jim Fogg

    Ah Tom Waits, I was introduced to his music in the late 70's, until then I had never heard that raspy voice. I lived in an area of Winnipeg called Cresentwood. The main floor of an an old home, and had escaped St James. A friend of mine was out of town for the weekend and his girlfriend at the time was at loose ends as was I. On Friday evening I took her to dinner at a rest called Victors, high end, fairly expensive, very nice, we had a ball. At the end of the evening after much tugging, I insisted on paying the bill and we went our separate ways. Late on Saturday night actually early Sunday morning i arrived home after much fun that evening and stuck between the door of may apartment was a thank you note and 5 albums wrapped in brown paper. The note thanked me for my generosity and she thought I may enjoy the music she had selected as a thank you. Inside the wrapping was, Closing Time, The Heart of Saturday Night, Blue Valentine, Night Hawks at the Dinner and Heart Attack and Wine. Even though it was about 2:00 am, I was curious and lit a fire, rolled a fatty and cued up Closing Time. I was blown away and proceeded to play all five one after another. Until well into the daylight. I was hooked. Like Nils I'm more of a fan of the older stuff. I won't ever forget Kathy nor Tom and for a moment I think I was her IceCream Man......sorry for the long post......


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    I discovered Tom Waits roughly about the same time I discovered an affinity for train tracks and whiskey. Mr. Waits is about the only poet who can rival Mr. Dylan.

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