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    September 20, 2005



    Sars rules, guys drool. ;)

    Amanda B.

    Good luck PapaNilbo!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    No no no, 'Manda, never say "good luck" to a performer.
    You have to say shit like "break a leg" or "hope your dick falls off" - stuff like that.
    (Oh, and the That Guys discussion - classic, just classic)


    Actually, "Break a leg" isn't used in the theatre, contrary to what Hollywood tells us. The wish for good luck is: "Merde" ... which is French for "shit".

    I have no idea why ....


    Merde? Come on, Nilbo, you're shitting us, right?

    Oh, and if something comes for you, from me, while you're gone, instruct your family to freeze (at least a few of) them for you. Mmmkay?


    Umm, actually, "break a leg" is still used in the the-a-tuh, though far less frequently now as the old guard dies off.

    Personally, I lean toward "have a good show" now, but am contemplating changing to "give 'er!"


    I bow to Davey's encyclopaedic knowledge of all things theatuh. But I think he's full of merde.


    While on tour: "Give 'er!"

    (I merde you not.)


    Merde, Nilbo!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Man, we need to have the party over here while Nilbo's gone. I'm sure he won't mind if the chandelier is slightly damaged when he gets home.


    We should talk about him too. (g)


    It seems Nilbo is the life of the party


    It seems Nilbo is the life of the party.

    Amanda B.

    Nilbo. Helloooooo. Your daughter is SO talented! We've been enjoying the CD all day. I'm starting your book tonight. Thankyou! :D




    Sending you a big pile of merde, in a piping hot bag on your doorstep, Nilbo.


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