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    September 02, 2005


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Could that picture be any more Little House on the Prairie adorable?
    Spoiled, hell. Sounds like you and the Missus are spoiled to be her parents!

    (You don't, don't have any pictures of YOU in that dress, do you?)
    (I'm just askin', you know, for a friend).


    good people must have been born on this day....hummm

    TU-turns 41 today


    I love to hear proud Daddies brag. Sounds like you done good, Nils. With, no doubt, a little help from your wife.


    she doesn't like to buy tires, however. ;)
    'course, I can't say I blame her!

    You've always been so proud of both your girls, Nils. I must say, it has been a lot of fun watching them grow up.

    Happy Birthday Allison!!


    Your love and pride are showing, Nils. :-)


    Awww...that's so sweet! You must be proud----good job on raising such a wonderful girl! Although....I'm sure there's lots you don't know about. tee hee hee.


    Marit, my darlin' ... around here, that's called "the willing suspension of disbelief" ...

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