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    September 03, 2005



    LOL, thank you!


    Oh, my. Laura, you need nicer friends or acquaintances. I haven't heard, can hardly imagine, anyone saying such things as those first two. Oh, my. Sadly, hurricane plans are for those fortunate enough to have the means to carry them out. Most of those left behind in NOLA barely had a plan for getting through the day when the weather is fair, much less the ability to get the hell out of Dodge in a hurry. Hopefully, Katrina was a wake-up call for those charged with caring for the poorest of the poor.
    I second that last one. We missed the proverbial boat, big time.


    I think Laura's encountered the same kind of people I have, Susie. They don't think of themselves as ill-meaning ... they just sniff and say things like "Well, my God, why would you live in a place that has hurricanes?" Which is the same as saying "Serves them right ...", although I'm sure they'd argue it.

    I also think Laura's talking about huge numbers of people who had never dealt with a hurricane, had no idea what would happen, and - despite having the necessary means - had no plan in place at all. Nobody expects the poorest of the poor to have a plan - not for a hurricane, not for a flood, not for a fire. But our family has a clear plan in the event of a house fire, and it's reviewed and updated regularly. Everybody knows what he or she is to do (my job is photo albums and computer disks, assuming no intervening fire. Any sign of fire or smoke or doors that are warm to the touch in that area, my job is to get outta Dodge.)

    Emergencies happen all the time, and by their nature they're sudden and sometimes unpredictable. But - assuming a certain degree of means - we can all have some sort of generic plan.

    Cranky Chick

    Nils -- The big problem, and I know first hand from being in EMS so long, is the "It will never happen to me" syndrome. LOTS of people have it, and they are the ones who get in the way, make everyone's job harder, and basically, end up having to be rescued and putting lots of other lives in jeopardy.

    This has all just been unbelievable.


    Go Laura, Go!! Humbling, indeed. May rescue and relief be swift and sure. Help us all...


    Nils, yes, there is a big difference between middle class "it won't happen to me" types and those whose options are limited by socioeconomic status. I just talked to my friends, who, thankfully had the means to evacuate before Katrina hit (even though they just looked at it as "a weekend away" because they didn't think she was going to hit them). They affirmed that most of those we see on TV had no transportation, or had a car but no money for gas, or were so poor they didn't have TV to hear the warnings. Sadly, they also said that the reports they're getting from parish leaders are that we're not seeing the worst of it on the news -- people who tried to evac. by going to local schools and drowned by the hundreds in their flooded "shelters." Just gets more and more horrifying.


    In response to those who say people shouldn't live in those hurricane-prone areas (and I know some), my question is, what area in this country isn't disaster-prone?

    I live in the MidWest. There are tornadoes. Should we all find another place to live because there might be a tornado? What about flash floods. I happen to be lucky enough to live where it doesn't flood, but I'm not too far from such an area.

    This is a very narrow-minded attitude. We need people spread out all over our glorious country. We also need to be ready to help the victims of the inevitable disasters. The people I know who feel folks shouldn't live in these areas are using it as an excuse to not have to help. As if that absolves them. Heaven help them if they ever hit on hard times.

    Amanda B.

    Hey my sweetheart. Thankyou SO SO much for all of your kindness. I am really still speechless about everyone's help and concern. All I can say right now is thankyou.


    I like Laura's perspective. I like it a lot. I have heard the "serves you right for living there" mentality, but had no sharp rebuttals other than to tell them to get off of their fucking high horses and DO SOMETHING. It could happen to any of us, truly.

    But to read what she's written about the agriculture and economy and certainly the NEED for people to live in and utilize every part of this country is so very true! Thanks, Laura, for giving me a new and useful tidbit to throw in the faces of the know-it-alls.

    In all seriousness, I hope that everyone does their part to help out, in whatever way they can. I have been desperately searching for some way to use my clinical knowledge and experience to help out- and just found a makeshift clinic that is opening up at one of the local shelters. I've already signed up for my days off. It feels so good to know that I can do something to directly touch the lives of those devastated by this disaster.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Laura, if I grow a schlong, will you marry me?


    ROFL Bucky.. if you know what to do with it!!!!! (g)

    Susie, sorry you had the wrong impression!

    Squirl, very true. These things can happen anywhere. I hope people will change their mindsets now that they realize how powerful nature can be when it decides to blow into town.

    CrankyChic was so right about the "it can't happen to me" syndrome. I do believe Bush is guilty of the same thoughts....

    Eclectic and Spoonleg, thanks very much. I was just a little sick of what I was hearing within the media. jaysus.

    In addition Spoonie, I think it's cool that you've volunteered to work with the clinic. Frankly, I think what the people are doing to help each other, without waiting for the feds to help us, is nothing short of awesome. Being part of the recovery is healing, in many ways.

    I went to Amanda's site and boy, she's really going to have a time of it, getting that house back together again. It's great she has all of you for support like this!!!

    Nils, thanks for allowing me to hog your comment section, even tho I know you love having company over here :)) Next time I'll bring the beer...


    Bring the beer AND a schlong and we'll never get Bucky to leave ...


    we wouldn't get YOU to leave either (g)lol

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