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    September 07, 2005



    It's an amazing feeling to "feel" such satisfaction and pride for a child. It's also very natural for parents to feel like bragging on the child's accomplishment.

    I feel such feelings too (though my child is not at all a musician and he hardly plays the piano which he's been playing for the past 6 years - but I feel "pride" whenever he starts bagging his fingers on the keyboard) because, hey, they're our kids and we celebrate their achievements.

    p/s :
    I heard the track and it's exploding with energy and emotion.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    It really is a good tune. Stirs me Irish blood.
    It's just a damn good thing nobody can see me step dancing in my ain't pretty.


    Howdy Nilbo--
    I wish I could hear that on my computer here, but alas, no speakers...I think I'm seeing a couple of Christmas gifts though--is postage cheaper from PEI to NS than it is to ON? Cause I know my brother would love that CD....


    so when does one show up at the station for airplay?
    this needs to be heard - by a LOT of people.

    Amanda B.

    You have really good kids, Papa. I know you would protest, but nice job.


    Amanda has you listed as PapaNilbo. So sweet it made me smile.

    After it made me laugh. I first saw: Pop A Nilbo.

    Did you see the mouthwatering clavicle on that hottie? Holy Moly! I just popped a nilbo!


    She is really good.


    One word: Wow!
    Two words: Holy shit!
    Three words: She is amazing!


    absolutely gorgeous.

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