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    September 16, 2005


    suburban misfit

    Ohmygod, that's funny.

    I can see it so clearly. We have the same situation, except replace the dog with another cat who thinks he's a dog.


    When I was growing up my family was stupid enough to introduce a dog into a, formerly, all-cat household. We had two long-time cats then. The puppy had no chance. We would, quite often, find cat claw sheaths caught in the fur close to his eyes.

    They all eventually learned to tolerate each other, but the dog knew who ruled the roost. Of course, it wasn't the humans. :-)

    Spurious Plum

    I love this post for many reasons, but my top two are "baleful glare" and "carve you like a Christmas turkey".

    Ah, Nilbo. I've missed you so.


    Linus was wondering when you would finally get around to recognizing the superiority of the cat.


    A chilling and evocative portrayal of domestic violence.


    I've never seen the cats before. These were good picts, Nils. How did you get Roxy to sit still for the shot? I've always pictured her like Tigger, bouncing around with all over the place.


    She's catching her breath in that shot. You can't HEAR what's being said as the picture is being taken ... "STAY. No. STAY. Don't move, Roxy. Stay. Staaaaaay ..." *click* ... SPROING! She's off and running again.

    The Duckster is actually much cuter than that pic would indicate ... her expression in the shot seems to say "If you take one more picture of me, I'm going to get all Sean Penn on your ass ..."


    This is definitely the story of my life right now!

    Amanda B.

    This sounds very familiar. We are just lucky our feline companions let us live indoors.


    A great tale of two tails! Love your word choices in this story.

    We have the same situation in our house, the cats rule. A cat may walk up to a dog bowl while a dog is eating and try a kibble or two, and the dog will retreat and wait for the cat to finish.

    If it's the reverse and a dog nears the catfood dish the cat will growl and hiss.

    The 230 pounds of dogs are intimidated by the 18 pounds of cats.


    I read this to my cats last night (you know, bedtime story) and they all agreed that Ducky is a hero.


    I read this a few days ago and it still makes me laugh. Reminds me of the current princess that I have and a former one.


    I have three cats and a three year old. Kaidin chese them around and picks them up by the head and makes cubbies for them under his pillow and demands a kiss goodnight for each of them. They put up with it - he's only been scratched about three times in his life - but sometimes they look at me and you can see them thinking "YOU! you gave birth to this. It's all your fault"

    My cats run my house. They demand to be let in/let out/fed/cuddled and they all try to sleep on my head or to steal the pillows. But I am a crazy cat lady (not as bad as Jess tho) so i like it.


    Your story gives me hope. I have a fairly young dog that I introduced to an all feline (5 total) household. I have been trying to get the Dog used to seeing the cats but not reacting to them (he's in the herding group of dog breeds and it would be more his nature to chase them). He's actually doing VERY well.

    The cats? Not so well.

    I still haven't let them meet face to face yet. Just yesterday I had him outside and the cats were inside (behind the sliding glass door) and one of my cats FLUNG his body very violently against the glass leaving spit and claw marks, which were clearly intended for the Dog's face.

    Perhaps I will give them more time....and of course, keep my Dog behind protective glass a little while longer as I continue the introductions.


    Yep cats rule, dogs drool, I totally agree!


    Fuck you!! I hope this blog shall be hacked!!


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    thats totally true my dog thinls he rules but when the cats are around they rule he drools


    Hey guest that hates cats if you don't like them then why are you reading it don't be a hater just because people like cats also cats rule dogs drool

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