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    September 04, 2005



    Sign me up. My email is [email protected].


    I just sent you an e-mail for a book. If my money can't help people then what good is it? Thanks so much for being one of the Quiet Heroes!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    If I can be a Quiet Hero at the same time I'm bein' a Noisy Villain, then sign me up.


    LOL, I've read this book alright, it's exactly what we need at at time like this. GREAT Idea Nils!

    I would never have learned what "Hurry Hard" meant, save for this book!
    And i'm still demanding you credit the chapter on page 8 to ME. ;P~



    Well, I freely admit that Laura's dog Buddy inspired the piece on Page 82, which lauds Buddy's skills at opening doors and suggests that his breakthrough ought to set the standard for dogs everywhere. I am willing to concede her point that the piece on page 8 (entitled Male Pattern Stupidity) was inspired by her eye-rolling over her husband's purchase of a boat. But Laura ... what about the piece entitled "PMS - According to Bill"? Are you claiming credit for that, too ...?


    no no no, I never associate with anything PMS related unless there are copious amounts of chocolate involved and a guys head is sitting on a platter at the same time.

    or his dick. chopped off.

    (just depends on the mood).

    Amanda B.

    You are a hero. Most often heroes are the last to know who they are.

    John Boy

    Great post. I'm surprised I haven't been coming here before. I've added you and your daughter to the list.


    I can count on Nilbo The Wise as usual to cut through the crap. I'm tired of the sensationalism of the news media myself. I wrote a little about it, but not nearly as well as you, I fear.


    You are so right about the name Katrina. The gal who sits next to me in my Music Appreciation class at HCC says she's had a really rough week.
    Another friend goes by Trina, so most folks don't make the connection yet.
    I sent an e-mail for info about a book purchase!


    People, I have read the book. It is great.
    BUY IT!

    David Zinger

    Well done Nils,
    I have used my blog to give my two cents worth for every word I write on my blog until the end of the year for Katrina relief. I love your personal touch. Take care and carry on caring.

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