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    August 01, 2005



    LOL! that's my kind of traffic jam!
    My kinda paradise too.What a beautiful little island. :)

    suburban misfit



    You ever seen one with sheep? THAT's just so..., so..., well, I don't have a word for what that is, but it makes you think twice before moving to Wyoming...!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    How very sweet - the cows are marching forth to give up their loins that I may have tender steak.
    Well, maybe not, but it DID give me the opportunity to use the word "loins" here.

    Cows crossin' the road I wouldn't gape at...not after drivin' through a buffalo herd last month.


    Our university town has had road crossing problems this week when uniforms cross en masse against the light.
    Athletic/band/cheerleader camps all summer long.
    Either kind of herd means income for somebody, I suppose.

    Loved your 0-dark-thirty for golf post. A better reason to get up than the night sweats I was having.

    Deep Purple

    A tourist.. with the mouth hangs.. watching cows cross...word sure got out fast about the Cow Urine website. From the looks of the Conferation Bridge's web cam, looks like the island's new extraction/attraction will really take off!

    Deep Purple

    A tourist.. with the mouth hangs.. watching cows cross...word sure got out fast about the Cow Urine website. From the looks of the Confederation Bridge's web cam, the island's new extraction attraction will really take off! Having lived on an island myself once, I realize your routes are limited to the golf course. Maybe you could learn to ride a cow.

    Deep Purple


    Home Detention Lady

    I love it. I saw a cow cruising down the highway in South Dakota over the weekend. Of course I didn't flinch, but I wondered what my city mice friends would think....


    Ah yes, that happens here in Redneck Valley, too. In fact, on multiple occasions I have been pushed onto the road to alert/stop traffic while my dad herded cattle across. I guess he figured it would be better that I got hit than the cows...?


    Perfect picture Nil!!


    I love it! And you call that a major highway!? Ha! I laugh at that boondockery (but secretly desire to live there!)


    Holy bovines!


    Thanks ERN for telling me about the traffic jam.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    That, my friend, is a lotta swingin' udders. Ever tempted to jump outta the car and grab a teat or two?


    No, Bucky, I've never been so mooved. But I will say I haven't seen so many low-hanging udders since ... oh, hell, you can finish the joke.

    Shari: I've never seen one with sheep, but I'm guessing it's only one of many reasons not to consider moving to Wyoming. (And Shari? How's Lambchop?)

    Ms. DOF: Did they post signs on the side of the road with, like, a tuba player silouhette? That'd be great, huh? I so want to get a sign made up with something that would make motorists go "Huh?" So they'd be driving along and see a sign with a deer in full flight ... then another one with children ... then get to my stretch of highway and there's a yellow sign with a silouhette of a knight on a steed. "Martha ...? What does that mean?"

    Deep Purple: I've actually ridden a cow. For three seconds. Evidently, the cow was not consulted beforehand.

    HDL: I'm guessing Crackhead Larry might finally say "OK ... time to go straight."

    Kalki: figure it out .. how much a pound did he ever get for you? And cows are easier to clean up after than daughters.

    Kristine: I was happy to be there, with my damn camera, just as it happened. I still keep my cam handy when I approach the crossing, in case I can get the picture with a line-up of cars, which is hilarious.

    Ern: Yeah, it's kinda quaint and comical, but you're right ... I can live anywhere I want, and this is the place I pick.

    TU: No, these are not holy bovines ... that would be in India. Nothing sacred about these cows.

    And L: It IS paradise ...


    Love it.


    oh Iknow they are not holy like in india

    just an expression you know


    Hehehe ... caught it the first time round, hon ... just toying with ya. And Gerah: you'd love it in person, too, I just know it.

    Amanda B.

    Boondockery. My favorite new word. :D


    When you drive around the beach area here you might have to wait for a family of ducks. And I used to live in the country where the neighbors cows sometimes got loose and went into the street. But we never have outright cattle drives around here. Thank goodness.

    Fred Flintstone

    You people eat those scrawny critters? Might make for an appetizer 'round my cave, if that. Maybe a toy for Dino.

    Oh, that's right. Apparently, the Fred Flintstone type is not welcome in these parts.

    We will be picketing your blog, sir. With stone signs held up on gleaming bronto bones.


    I need to be your here is killing me --bit by bloody bit - I am up to here (picture hand on head) with traffic and hurry up and wait, and George Bush and laws and more laws and no health care and no privacy...

    (They are still working at my border removing every last leaf and old tree limb where my woodpeckers bore their young...)

    Help me Doc Nilbo!


    Amanda: doesn't "boondockery" sound like some sort of mischief a person could get into?
    Squirl" so, you actually slow down for the ducks, huh? Good for you.
    Fred: yes,, I am a Flintstoneophobe, and proud of it.
    Mary: Ah, poor darlin'. I think it may be time to pack up and join us in paradise. Just bring a parka for the winter. And snowshoes.


    One of the first times I sat down to talk with my now boyfriend I found out that we both grew up on dairy farms owned by our grandparents in WI. It was great to meet someone else who understood why you dont run behind cows when they knock down the fence and get out.


    Don't be surprised if you get a knock on your door...if husband could find a job, we'd be outta here...too stressful...


    I'm with Marybishop. This picture is peaceful. Its comical to see cows crossing the 'highway', but serenity comes to mind.


    I have stopped in and enjoyed (envied) this photo a few times. Now that Circus Kelli has pimped out a cow on my blog (said pimping inspired by your "fast cow" joke), it just ain't the same. I keep looking at your cows, wanting them to speed up. That shit ain't right.


    a lesser person, having spent a long day at the auto repair shop, would have run home to blog about it immediately.
    But not Nils Ling. :))))))))))))))))))))))



    Godddddd. OKOKOK. Day long meeting today, but a post for tomorrow. Sheesh.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Um, not to be a bitch or anything...

    *looks at watch*

    It's tomorrow...


    I think he has writer's block.
    or else he's stuck in that so -called "traffic jam" again.


    I'm writing my name in the dust over here.
    Maybe the theme of Stuff Portrait Friday might be a jumping off place?
    Except this pic is already one of your neighborhood. Way to overlap the days of the week, Nilbo!


    I'm coming ... I'm coming ...

    (insert joke here)

    Jim Fogg



    Heeheehee and all the Americans are going "Huh?" at Jim's comment.


    You just breathing hard, eh?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Not sure I need to be Canadian to understand what "hurry...hard" means.

    Unless it's not dirty, then I have no clue.

    Jim Fogg

    Hey Nils

    Maybe the yanks won't be able to hack my sweeping comments.........(snare drum)........

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Wait, are we on to curling now?

    Told you it was dirty.


    sorry you couldn't finish....


    geez, louise! still with the cows here . . .


    Have you been abducted? Do we need to send help? Are you trapped in a well? You need to watch out for those old wells you know...

    Hellloooooo????? Hellloooo helllooooo

    Man, there is an echo in here.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Sorry, I think I caused the echo.

    *shuts legs*


    Whew. Thanks Bucky. That's much better. Um, Nilbo? Shall I call the paramedics?

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