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    August 26, 2005



    You gotta stop posting stuff that makes my cry. It is getting to be a problem. People are thinking I am just not.....right.

    But how unbelievably frikkin cool is that.....

    suburban misfit

    Dammit, Nilbo. I'm crying.

    My Baby Girl started Kindergarten yesterday...and I just got rid of all her baby clothes and crib bedding...on the same day she started Kindergarten.

    I'm a basket case.

    suburban misfit

    Sorry, so wrapped up in the "Oh my god, my baby is not a baby anymore and soon she'll be off to college and then she'll get married or something and will she still like me??!!" that I forgot to say "Congratulations!" to Erin.


    But tell me this, Nils. Erin and Matthew - you made them sleep in twin beds, didn't you? ;)

    Thank you for your kind acknowledgment. Coming from you, that is an incredible compliment. And that memo to Rob? Well, how could I disagree with a word of it? In fact, I just might post it on the fridge...

    Love you, dude. And congrats to Erin. (May the romance never die! But just in case, enjoy it while you've got it, girl.)


    My wife and I slept in one room, with a double bed. Allison, Erin, and Matthew slept in another room, with a single bed for Matthew and a double for the girls ... of course. I reserve the right to willingly suspend disbelief.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Yes, but...IS there a bathroom around here somewhere?


    I say when they start registering for wedding gifts, you should get some kickbacks. Not every girl's dad takes her and the boyfriend to Paris when it's time to become engaged.


    If this was the only hotel that they were going to stay in during the trip, then yes, they should find another one.

    However, if they're staying in the hotel for a day, or a few days only, then no, I dont see the problem with it.

    newlyweds never cease to amuse me.


    This post is just beautiful! I'm glad Kelli and Rob found a double bed to um..sleep in while in Paris.

    That is a very romantic story about your daughter, and she will never forget how romantic her proposal was.


    I am surrounded by ridiculosly talented people.


    That's such a sweet story about your daughter's engagement. Congratulations.

    And I guess, to some, the world would end not to sleep in the same bed in Paris. Maybe I'm too cynical. I'd be thinking, "All right! A good night's rest and I don't have to fight for the covers!"

    And I had so much trouble finding public bathrooms in Germany. What's the deal? Don't Europeans ever have to piss?


    that will be a story for the grandkids.
    Thanks for sharing.


    tres romantique!

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