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    August 24, 2005



    When they start winning the lotto, I'll believe in the power. In the meantime, i'd like to hire your wife to predict my daughter's grades at school.
    Should we keep saving for college or just go ahead and plunk down on the hawaiian vacation instead? thanks..

    suburban misfit

    What perfect timing, Nilbo! I sent my baby off to Kindergarten today and I'm seeing the future so clearly...soon they'll be gone and all that.

    I needed a good kick in the behind today to remind me to stay in the present.

    Jim Fogg

    I recall Madam Red Davis a well known physic in Winnipeg during the 60,70 and 80's. In December she would make predictions for the upcoming year. I was always curious if she predicted the time and date of her own demise...
    concerning the future, I see old people....

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Wouldn't psychic deja vu be "I sense that this will happen again, soon..."?

    And I think my future would be pretty easy for anyone to read: "You will be even more of a flake tomorrow than you are today, and will relish the looks on people's faces when you show up in chaps with no pants underneath."

    I posted on a slightly similar topic just the other day. The foretelling of the present is a great idea though ... I think someone is capitalizing on that already; his name is Dr. Phil.

    As far as psychics are concerned, and what they can see and not see, I think I have a good understanding of how it works (if at all), from reading Marvel comics and watching the Dead Zone, LOL. As far as I can tell, most of the time you see what you focus on. Other times things come to you in flashes ... but if a psychic saw everything that's going to be happening to them all the time, and all at once .. they're brain would probably explode!


    I knew that you'd be posting this (haha)

    I always think it is funny (in a sad sort of way) when a fortune teller goes belly-up--didn't they know what would happen?

    I'll never know if your posts are old or new unless you start repeating yourself! Keep 'em coming!

    Busy life here too....ciao!


    I think the people that tell you your present are not psychics, but psychotherapists. Good ones, anyway.

    I wanted to tell you that your comment on Kelly's "funk" post from the other day really hit home for me right now. So thanks. :) *HUGS*


    Well IMHO psychics are not allowed to produce winning lottery numbers, because that is personal gain. Whether it be your gain or mine, it's altering the cosmos and it's a big "no-no". There are many phoneys out there no doubts at all. If someone wants you to pay 50.00 to remove a curse.. RUN.. or they say you were all these famous people.. ya.. that's a hint that they are out for your cash. It's trial and error. I hope maybe over some time and searching that you'll find a psychic who really is able to tell you what you need to know. We aren't supposed to know it all, we only come to this earth with a little hint. We chose to learn a life's lesson.. and if it was easy, what was the point of being here. Nothing is ever learned the easy way.. So, psychics can help you find if you are going the right way or if you need to make a left turn and try harder. Don't take all they say to heart.. but write it down and who knows what you'll run into and find that they were right :)

    Laura (yes, I'm psychic) :)

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