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    August 28, 2005


    Bucky Four-Eyes


    That Nigerian bitch wrote to you, too?

    I suppose that other fucker lied when he said I could have a larger pen1s too, huh.


    it's always best to make sure the money is on the dresser first, y'know?

    suburban misfit

    Some bank manager in some third world country emailed me to say that he picked me to inherit some crazy-assed sum of money.

    Do you think it's legit?

    suburban misfit

    Oh, I forgot to say that in order for him to make sure everything goes OK, I should send him the "number of the account where the money will be deposit (sic)".

    So whaddya think?


    Damn. Lies, all lies. And I was so hoping for Bucky's pen1s to get larger.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Eclectic, my pen1s grew by leaps and bounds when you entered the room.


    SU: Don't be fooled. Bank managers don't have access to that kind of money. Hold out for widows, sons, and former finance ministers. If someone at that level asks you for bank account, phone number, or credit card information, I think it's pretty much a legit deal.

    Bucky, sir, your pen1s growth is truly impressive. And you clearly have taken advantage of some sort of tongue growth pills.

    WTF?Opera: always good advice, in any profession.


    I do sorta like the horny housewives, though. I hope they never stop emailing me.


    Hello, Nilbo the Wise.

    I must add that I also have no need for a larger penis. My penis-less is just fine with me. As is the one of that guy I live with. ;P


    The guy you live with is penis-less? How sad. Should I be forwarding you these e-mails, Ern?

    Ohhh, and I do like "Nilbo the Wise". Beats the crap out of some of the other nicknames I've endured.


    Hey Nils--
    can you let them know for me that I don't have erectile dysfunction and my hubby certainly doesn't seem to have any problems either ;-) so they can stop sending me that message twice a day....
    I wonder if people actually fall for any of those messages....
    The first time I received the one about "I found a South African bank account has thousands in it and I can't access it.." I have to admit, it was worded pretty nicely and I was nearly fooled. I'm naive and I'm the first one to admit it....


    there was a woman here in Michigan who was arrested after falling for that scheme - she embezzled 30-40k from her employer...I remember seeing it on the news a few years back. 2-3 i think.


    I just . . . have been waiting for a place to say, "Steppin' large and laughin' easy . . . " or something like that; and in my mind, it fits here.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Why, Susie...did your husband just get himself a new "set of clubs"? Improve his "swing"?
    Can't keep his hands off your Titleist?


    I realize my comment up there was vague (possibly clouded by a glass or two of red wine).

    I meant to say: I am penis-less, and that is exactly the way I like it.

    My husband is NOT penis-less. His penis is of exellent endowment. No need for internet solutions. :)

    You would think, being wise and all, that you would have been able to decipher that, Nilbo. On second thought, it was pretty garbled.


    Doh! I mean excellent.


    You just have to have the right e-mail accounts. I never have to see that crap anymore. What gets me is that some people must respond or it wouldn't be worth even the small effort that it is to send those things out.

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