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    August 18, 2005



    Wow! I'm just plain stunned, and I hope someone at McAffee wises up, and soon!
    I use Nortons, but I can't endorse it. Despite using the regular updates and scans, it did not prevent at least two trojans and several viruses from invading my computer. It did tell me I had the trojans, after I ran the scan. I thought I was paying for the service to prevent it from getting into my computer in the first place!

    However, a friend of mine bought the 2005 Nortons AV and said that it has a feature that will stop a trojan horse at it's inception. I don't know if the new version it works well with Firefox, however.

    I have read good things about Trend, so that might be worth looking into.

    It also might be a good idea to to ask the folks over at Mozilla which antivirus works best with Firefox!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I can be of no actual help here, as I use MacAfee, which is given to me free by my employer. So I can't bitch.
    It does boggle my mind, though, that in order to do something as simple as download an update file, you have to be using IE.
    Gimme Netscape or Firefox any day. Give me tabs or...or blow me.

    (You wrote this post so we'd all stop thinkin' about your tits, didn't you?)


    I'm using both Trend and NOD32. NOTHING has gotten past either of them. Both good, but I would rate NOD32 slightly better (requires less user input, and tends to catch NEWer stuff before Trend). Using Firefox, and they both work just fine with it.


    Norton. Norton. Norton.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Cramden. Cramden. Cramden.

    Craig Willson

    For each recommendation there is going to be someone who will dis it and have a better solution.

    Norton has served me very well for many years.


    NILS! I can't read the first part of your post... The text is really small. Anybody else having this problem?

    (I'm on a Mac, if that makes a difference. I run screaming from anything related to Bill Gates.)

    Craig Willson

    I am NOT on a Mac and I too am squinting.


    Just a note for Firefox users, text on any page can be increased or decreased in size temporarily by pressing Ctrl and + or Ctrl and - at the same time. Unfortunately the related feature in IE (View menu -> Text Size) does not work with every page.


    Personally, I use Grisoft's AVG antivirus solution which, when I downloaded it, was free. (I see now that they no longer offer that option.) Instead, I would point you to Avast, which offers a free solution as well at . I've used it in the past and it was quite good (and you can't beat the price.)


    Gerah, I'm on a Mac and the first section of font is really small for me, too.

    And that's my answer to you, Nils: Mac. I've never had virus software - we don't get viruses.


    ah now...don't speak too soon, Mac users that is a very unsafe assumption: this article is from 2001 -

    I use a Mac and a PC, but keep a good firewall/router for the Mac as well.


    Kids, I don't know what to say about the font size - it looked fine to me in Firefox, and I prefer a larger font (age, dontcha know?). I tried screwing around with it a bit. I hope that helped, but since it looks pretty much the same now as it did before (to me), except for the colour ... I have no idea if the problem is corrected. Let me know.

    suburban misfit

    Click on View, click on Text Size and change the size. I do it every day, as soon as the Internets open.

    We like Norton, but I may have to try out that NOD32.

    And Bucky, bravo to you!


    They have to take away my open source club membership card if I don't do this every time someone asks. So here goes. You could try ClamWin - - which is a free and open antivirus program. The user community handles the virus definitions. Many of them are system administrators, so they are very good at keeping everything current. The best part is, you aren't locked in to anyone else's upgrade cycle.

    Or switch to Linux ;)


    You want good virus advice? FUCK your PC. Chuck it right in the crapper. Get a Mac. No viruses. No virus software continuously running in the background and using up RAM. And best of all, NO Bill Gates interfering in your daily computing.

    I am on a 5 YEAR OLD LAPTOP--a Powerbook. I challenge a PC laptop to run that long and still run the current programs.


    I love it when people challenge the computer gods. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud.

    Taking bets on who crashes next ... (g)


    I just loved the canned tone of Ben Dickinson's responses. Supposed to be with a real live person, but all the repetition of your name, the avoidance of the question...geesh, could he SOUND any more like a computer?


    Ern - I agree with you on most points, but I really have to advise you against becoming too comfortable - did you know that in March of this year, Slashdot sponsored a virus-writing contest against Apple? *JUST TO SEE IF IT COULD BE DONE*
    There are reports as far back as 2001 of mac users getting viruses. The company I work for uses Macs exclusively in the studio, and while much more stable by a LONG shot, they are NOT foolproof against viruses, system errors and crashing.
    You just can't be too safe or too careful.
    Michael - I am all about open-source, and for servers, you can't beat a Linux machine. But until Adobe, Digidesign and AVID start making their products for Linux, you're not going to see the big power users in the graphics, music and video industry switch off their macs.
    We use mac for graphics/music/video, a PC to run all the duplicating machines/printers, and use Linux to run the web servers. And that is using each machine to take advantage of their strengths. Right now, no one manufacturer has an OS that can do all 3 and do it well.
    ok, maybe I should have posted all this privately - sorry, Nils.


    No, no .. it makes me all weak in the knees when you go all uber-geek ...

    High-end users (or power users or super-users or umm geeks) sometimes forget that for the vast majority of computer users, it's a power-on, power-off thing. It's like cars that way ... some car users are very knowledgeable on what happens when you turn the key - how the electronic impulse fires in the manifold chamber to ignite the gasoline fumes, thus forcing the pistons to move, which turns the cam and on and on ... but most of us know that there's something mysterious happening in there, and we damn well better make sure there's gas and oil in the machine, do some basic maintenance, and call an expert when we turn the key and nothing happens.

    I would no more consider changing operating systems on my computer than I would yank the engine out of my car and replace it with a hybrid gas/electric engine. The latter engine may be far superior, but the whole process is too daunting. I'll buy a car with the engine installed in it, though ...

    ... and I'd go to Linux if it came bundled with a computer I wanted to buy. And if I could still do everything with my computer that I do today.

    Well, if this isn't another prime example why the whole world should switch to the Mac. Windows is evil! lol

    If I buy you a mac mini, will you give up your windows/bill gates lovin' ways??? :D


    You buy me a Mac mini, I'll tell Bill Gates to kiss my arse at high noon. Well, truthfully, he can do that anyway.

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