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    July 13, 2005


    suburban misfit

    I really do like the new look. It's quite refreshing, and summery.

    And *blush* thanks for the nice link!


    Nilbo, thanks so much for linking to me. I already read a lot of the people on that list. I'll have to check out more of them. I've said on my blog more than once that there are so many interesting, intelligent, funny, sicko (my favorite),insightful, wonderful people out there blogging. And those adjectives only partly describe them. I'm so thrilled to be part of this. I think you had Bucky from rolling pin.


    I'm back with more complaints in order to help the common good. Specifically, I don't see the point of having a calendar on one's blog. Do we not already know what day it is? It's the same has having a clock on the sidebar also. Next thing you know, people will be putting daytimers on their sites too. THEN we will REALLY feel stressed!
    I will await your diplomatic reponse as always.


    Thanks for the link.


    I really like this new look. I was shocked when I came by and it was so different. I thought...wheres Nilbo? But, your here. YEAH.
    Cool look.
    Thanks for the link.


    Whoa, Im cool and Not safe? This is a very good day indeed!

    Now I really should stop being lazy and update my links too. Damn.


    Laura, darlin' ... the calendar thing is so that if you want to read the post from, say, July 1st (and of course you would), then all you have to do is click on that date. All the underlined days are posts. Makes me realize how seldom I throw something up ...


    I like the new look, and Especially the calendar.


    and then there's that whole issue of the Archives...

    suburban misfit

    I have to disagree with Laura, albeit very nicely, since she's Nils' best friend.

    I actually rarely know what day it is, even when I've looked at the calendar in the morning, and written a couple checks and whatnot. I'm quite forgetful, and I have this hate-hate relationship with numbers. They hate me and I hate them back.

    So it's nice to go to blogs with calendars. It keeps me on my toes.


    I'm so honored to be on this list.


    I'm new to your world, but I like the "new" look. Also, thanks for the great list....found some new must-reads...


    OH LOOK! I'm on your list--Yay! I feel so special...Thanks!


    mmc: Welcome to my little corner of the world. The sky is plaid, the drinks are free, and the rules (such as they are) are enforced with a wink and a grin. Come back often.

    SU: it's OK to disagree with Laura. She likes that. And that's why I adaura.

    Kristine: The honour is all mine. You're in good company - but so are they.

    And Laura: da hell is wrong with my archives?


    Torrie, Lawbrat - no thanks necessary. Just lettin people know you're worth a visit - it's a favour I'm doing for them, not you.

    Squirl - I think the best part of blogging is having new friend recommend great places to go.

    Jess - you're fun, not safe ... and you are officially not Googlicious. What more could a boy want?

    MrsDOF - thanks ... the calendar stays ...


    And finally effie: but you ARE special, dear. And not in that "short bus" way ...


    Aha! *You* are the reason my stats have gone up lately!

    Thank you for linking to me, it is an honor as many people stated above.

    I am one of the people who never knows what day it is actually I thought today was thanks for the calendar...ditzies like me enjoy the gentle reminder.


    Wow! Thanks for the link. Compliments right back at ya, Nils.

    And you called me BRILLIANT. That's just amazing (since the content of many of my posts is made up of poop talk and reports on bodily fluids...)

    But, anyways, thank you.




    MB: I hardly think my dozen or so visitors a day, even if they all rush over to your place (as they should!) would cause more than a blip in your stats. In truth, I don't even know how to interpret my stats .. when I come to check and see who's commented, am I visiting my site? I guess so. If I use my links rather than my bookmarks, then come back and use them again, then come back and use them again, did I just visit me three times? Damn, given how much I do that, I may have to adjust my "dozen or so" number down a bit.

    And Gerah, don't get all swell-headed. I said SOMETIMES you're brilliant. Other times, you're just damn good.

    And Laura ... nothin' I like better than to make you sigh ... (g)


    At least it's not in that "short bus" kind of way--sheesh...hahaha


    I have blog patrol...if I don't know what day it is, certainly I don't know how to interpret stats...but there's a bar chart and my bar is way up there lately...must be you!


    Lookin' good! And thanks for the nice link :)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    What? A foul mouth? Moi?

    I think you must have me mistaken for some other gutter-tongued slut.


    ... and there's the attitude. Ah, Bucky, you never disappoint.


    Thanks for the link! And I do love the new look. (PS, I cracked up at what you wrote for your Dooce link!)

    Deep Purple

    I have enjoyed your links immensly! It is so much fun this blogworld. Squirl's boyfriend, Ichabod, is a lonnnngg time friend of mine (from child-hood) and he told me of Bucky's website many moons ago...before she started blogging. I was thrilled when he mentioned I ought to Blog and was also thrilled to find out she was blogging.
    Oh and thanks for giving me the link to Save The are sooo right...hillarious! I felt deeply compelled to hook him up with The Bangkok Street Dogs so sent him "eh widdle emaw" too cheer him up. Should be interesting for mouse.

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