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    July 09, 2005


    suburban misfit

    I'm downloading it RIGHT NOW. This is going to be SUCH a time-sucking black hole for me, too.

    suburban misfit

    Hi Nilbo!! I'm waving at you!!

    39 d 05'59.36" N, 84 d 21'17.07" W

    (and if you just cut and paste that section into "fly to" it'll take you right to my house.)


    Hehehe very cool. I like your neighbourhood .. lots of mature trees ... doesn't look like much traffic - it'd be great for kids. I've dropped by to see other friends, as well. In some ways, it feels more ... I don't know, personal? ... to read a blog and have a sense of the writer's surroundings. Does that make sense to anyone else?


    Because I have worked in criminal law representig stalkers and now do privacy law, this stuff scares the hell out of me...but it is fun.


    I did this a few months ago and the pictures were old! I sent it to some friends of mine, and they said the same things about their neighborhoods.


    Yeah, I kinda figured the pictures would be from sometime other than yesterday ... after all, not every place in the world is clear on a given day (not to mention "in sunlight"). For all I know, the pics of the Island are from a year ago ...

    But still, the technology is wonderful (and I understand Alan's fear of it). I love having a bird's-eye view of places where people I know live.


    I dunno my co-ordinates in Canada, but I from 1142 Warner Street, Moose Jaw.

    In Hong Kong, I am MUCH harder to find. 69 SIu Lek Yuen, Shatin, New Territories.

    I can find the co-ordinates for you...if you wish. I know where I am....most of the time.


    There is no link here for me to click. There is a blank space where the link probably is on the blog. Can you post it again?


    Nevermind, I'm an idiot.


    Ohmygosh, this is so much FUN!!! I've peeked at the house where I grew up, my sister's house, and all the places I lived in China, not to mention where I live now. I noticed you can zoom in closer to some places; my husband could not zoom in on his parents' house in China, but we were able to see the street we lived on in a much, much smaller town in a different place in China.

    Very very cool, Nilbo. Thanks for sharing this!


    OMG!! I checked mine and you can see me sunbathing nude in my backyard!

    just kidding Nils!

    Thanks for the heads up. That is an awesome tool. Shaun found The Statue of Liberty.


    Ahh, Kristine ... there are many ways I might describe you, but the phrase "hooters visible from outer space" hasn't come up.

    Andrea - I assume there are limitations to save bandwidth - if every place on earth was at the same high resolution you can get in New York City (Hi, Torrie - wave!) or, say, Tampa (wave!) ... it would be a gruesome bandwidth pig. So I guess they focus on built up, urban areas.

    Or areas with nude sunbathers (Wave!).


    Tanya - Hard to know if it rejects my query on the address you give because it's not in their data base or because so often Chinese names are spelled differently when anglicized - I was able to find, for example, Shatian. I have no idea if I was even close to where you live.

    But looking down on Hong Kong was a trip in itself.


    Umm .. wow. For those of you who have this program, go to 27 d 59' 21.50" N, 86d 54' 57.44" E and tinker with the "adjust tilt" slider on the control panel.


    That's interesting. I put in my childhood address and I could see the area. I put in my current address and the area is all blurred. Just to the East of me looks fine. Weird. Are they worried about the privacy of the homeless in the area???


    Squrl ... that's the same with the area I used to live ... some areas are high res, some aren't ... I'm not sure what they use as criteria ...


    You can't even see my childhood home in Shingletown it's all trees!


    That was a cool view, Nils. I liked zooming in real close and then looking at then seeing how far down I could look.

    As far as what is blurry and what is higher res, I think they've just compiled available images (maybe choosing the clearest ones...notice how few clouds there are?) which have come from different satellites, some of which may not zoom in as close? Maybe? They definitely have made this by cobbling different images together. Indiana is this whole gray area, plus a few green and brown squares thrown in (additional images)


    And Nils, let me just say I have wasted my WHOLE DAY on this freaking thing! My childrem are neglected, but I know where Disneyworld, Sanibel Island, Ground Zero, and my old high school are.


    Not sure if I love this or am frightened by it. Okay, I love it more. All I have to say is, I'm never dressing near an open window AGAIN.


    Ah, Gerah .. the world is a sadder place today ...

    And Andrea ... it IS a black hole of time (which I warned you about) ... but damn, it's fun, huh?

    Alan and Gerah do raise a valid concern. I mean ... if Google can do THIS ... imagine what somebody with more sinister intentions could do ...?

    suburban misfit


    I just did the Everest thing. Zoom out a bit, too, and play around.

    SOSOSOSOSO cool!

    You've sucked my husband into this, too, Nils.

    Amanda B.

    My husband is going to flip out when he sees this. Very Cool!


    Yeah, my luck. All the women adore me for helping them please their husbands.


    Excellent and very cool! I checked out the World Trade Center as we just went there. J had an interview...

    Glad you love Mary. I've been digging her for a long time now. She's an excellent writer, as are you mon frere!


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