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    July 12, 2005



    I like the colors, but it is harder for me to read white on black than dark on light.


    I likes the new colours! Good choice.....


    Remember my old exploding pumpkin blog of a couple of years ago? This reminds me of that. Yuck.


    Sorry, Effie .. the black/white/maroon motif seemed hard to read ... as much as I liked the colours - we agreed - I've gone to this ... so now, again ... what do people think? I'm democratic about this, other than the fact I reserve the right to ignore everybody.


    This is really nice.


    I like it, Nils. Thought you might have liked the "bold" patterns, but this one looks good too.


    Yeah... this is cool.

    It's refreshing!!

    suburban misfit

    I like it! I especially like how you're all casual in your photo, like you're saying, "Come on in! Take a load off! Can I get you something to drink?"


    I like this look. I thought I had gone to wrong blog at first, though. :-)


    Aquamarine! Reminds me of my school's colours: aquamarine and flesh tone.



    The background reminds me of bathroom tile. Not that I'm suggesting that this blog would be best used as bathroom reading, or that this blog is going down the toilet. I'm really not saying that, at all.

    So what am I trying to say? (Geez, and I thought it was obvious.) I like it!


    Me likey.


    OK ... so .. this is it, for now ... till I get bored again. Thanks for your input, guys ...


    This looks like a summer colour scheme--nice too!


    It's time to retire your photo of your old self. Really. Other than that, I like the latest changes. Glad you ditched the orange.

    I usually read your blog on my bloglines so I don't visit the site all the time, but at least now, when I do, I won't be goign into squinty eye mode.

    Ditch the pic dude.

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