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    July 30, 2005



    I always thought it was "the ass-crack of dawn", but "crow piss" may creep into my vernacular now, too.

    The fox vignette had me rolling on the floor!


    I, too love EARLY mornings. When I was still working, I would get up to be at my gym by 5:30, so that would be about 4. Would walk the Pyrenees beasts in the still darkness, but there was always that impending-dawn scent in the air.....Then I would drive through the city before anyone was out, but a few lights were coming on. AHHH. I still love to get up early, just don't love the after-effects around 4 pm, having chased toddlers around all day. Thanks for a beautiful snapshot of your world.


    As you know, I'm really a CFA just like you, but I believe the Oyland expression is more accurately writ: "I was up at the crack of crow piss to get out on the golf course."

    Adding 'crack of' to the aforementioned 'crow piss' adds sound to the sight and smell of the expression. And, senses being more heightened (for some) at that time of day, that only seems appropriate.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You know, I could talk about crow piss all day, but I'll just say this:
    How can it be a bad day when a fox has your balls in her mouth before the sun's even risen properly?


    I love the fox story. The early-morning phrase that Ichabod usually uses is O-dark-thirty.


    Sounds like a beautiful way to start a morning. And Squirl, I say O-dark-hundred!

    A couple of things, though:

    YES curling hair to play golf! We ladies have to look our best at all times, you know. For hiking, no curling, but for golf, I can see how it would be necessary.

    CROW PISS? HAHAHAHAHA! I'm gonna laugh about that all day. :)


    all good things happen when the sun rizes ;)
    Sounds like paradise, Nils :)


    Nothin' I likes better than to watch the sunrizn on the Island, Laura ... but you know that.

    Yeah, Davey, I've heard "crack of crow piss - probably from you, in fact. But typically I just say "OK, kids ... it's almost midnight and I'm due up at crow piss, so ... oh, hell, one more won't hurt."

    Bucky ... these foxes have sharp teeth ...

    Squirl - I may have to steal 0 - dark-thirty ...

    And Ern ... when it's five AM and you're heading out to flail at a tiny white ball on a windswept course, WEARING a HAT .. maybe you just run a brush through your hair and tie it back ...


    Eclectic: Ass crack of dawn makes me giggle, and glad you liked the fox conversation. I really do have those pays running through my brain all the time - scary.

    MMC - glad you liked the story ... and yeah, later in the day I feel the effects. And it's been years since I had toddlers ...


    5 a.m.? Are you crazy? Sweet mother of God. I need to take whatever it is that you take.

    Craig Willson

    Great description Nils. As to the traffic jam that we both occasionally deal with, I grabbed an image while I was waiting for the great event to conclude. While it always makes me laugh, it is a forerunner to Fall. See:

    suburban misfit

    I'm with Marit.

    There's a five in the MORNING? Really?

    I can't believe people can function that early. Honestly. If I have to be up at 'em before 7:30, I'm naseous all morning.

    No kidding.

    I apparently am allergic to early mornings.

    suburban misfit

    And obviously 11:47 AM wasn't too good to me today.

    Count the typos!


    Misfit: We don't count typos here. THAT kind of hubris is just asking the gods of grammar to give you their undivided attention.

    Marit: I guess I've learned that what greets me at 5 AM on the first tee is better than almost anything I could get from a dream ...


    I am surprised that foxes would just dart out onto the green like that. They are usually so timid around humans. I have seen on ESPN tours that were delayed because of Elk and Deer though.


    Maybe the fox had a later t-time and needed the balls. Ditto, Marit. I've gone to bed at 5 a.m., but my body would never let me wake up that early.

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