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    July 07, 2005



    My thoughts and my heart are in London today.


    Thank you for being there for me this morning.

    suburban misfit

    My favorite part about the Tube was when the doors would open and the rush of air would come in. And then the recorded voice would say, "Mind the gap!"



    It breaks my heart. I went to bed watching how they were so excited about the olympics and then I woke this morning and saw that 300 people were injured. I was unclear on how it happened until I saw, 'Terrorist'.

    I hate that word. I read a poem..and I'm sure you'll remember it better than I will but it said something like: someday my child will ask me what war was.

    I wish that for the word Terrorism.


    There is no grace, nor is there an excuse. This is a disgusting display of the lowest form of human nature. I know there are far more good people in the world than bad, but those bad ones really know how to screw things up!


    Sigh. Yea. I thought of you, this morning. And others I know who've recently returned. So much like 9-11, just ordinary people doing what they do -- working, vacationing -- and the next moment, everything has changed, in all those lives. There is grace in the world; and sometimes evil casts a shadow over it. I've heard that grace wins in the end. I'm counting on it.


    Kalki, you echo the thoughts of all of us, I think.

    Torrie - no thanks necessary. Hope your friends are all fine.

    SU - That's the moment my daughters loved the most, too ... and in fact, they'd say it when getting out of the car ...

    Kristine - from your mouth to God's ears.

    Squirl - there is more good than bad. Keep that faith ...

    Susie - I agree ... there is grace in the world, but not in every corner at every moment. This was a particularly graceless moment, but in the end, I still believe good will find a way.


    Good will find a way. I have to believe that, or I would get so cynical about the world. I have been cynical about this world we live in. There are people out there that are just plain evil.

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